Adobe Captivate Prime LMS: Setup, Deliver And Manage Your Online Training All By Yourself

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS: Setup, Deliver And Manage Your Online Training All By Yourself
Summary: Whether you are a solo eLearning freelancer or the head of the development team, having a LMS that can do it all can make a world of difference. In this article, I’ll discuss how Adobe Captivate Prime can help you setup, deliver, and manage your online training without having to enlist the aid of a tech guru.

How To Use Adobe Captivate Prime To Setup, Deliver And Manage Your Online Training All By Yourself

There are a variety of tools that eLearning professionals can choose from today. However, finding just one that can do virtually everything is the ultimate goal, especially if you are working with a tight eLearning budget. Adobe Captivate Prime offers you the power to take care of every aspect of your eLearning course deployment, from setting it up to tracking learner progress. You can even measure the effectiveness of your online training program using the platform’s course rating system. This helps you analyze test scores, evaluate learner feedback, and collect insights from your leadership team.

The system also gives you the power to determine whether your online training experiences are right on target or missing the mark with their wide range of management tools. Here are a few of the most notable ways that Adobe Captivate Prime can help you create successful online training courses.

1. Modern And Intuitive Interface Offers Stress-Free Setup.

Adobe Captivate Prime features a single-page interface, meaning that you won’t have to click through page after page to create your next online training course. You can get a detailed overview of every aspect of your online training course quickly, so that you have all the information you need to develop a winning corporate eLearning strategy. This also gives you the opportunity to set-up the platform in a fraction of the time, thereby avoiding the dreaded LMS learning curve. Adobe Captivate Prime is known for its ease of use, making it the ideal tool for eLearning professionals who require a simplified tool that does not fall short on features.

2. Repurpose And Reuse Modules With Ease.

This platform also includes a built-in LCMS that allows you to create different versions of your online training modules, then modify or reuse them for your corporate eLearning program. You can also group modules, develop structured online training courses and curriculum, and organize all of your online training materials in one centralized location. Rather than having to create a module from scratch when you need to update the information, you can simply make any necessary modifications and save it as a different version. This also makes it easy to revert back to your original eLearning course design. For example, if you need to create an online training course for the holiday season which highlights temporary products, you can return to your original course layout when the New Year rolls around.

3. Integrate And Track Existing eLearning Content.

Adobe Captivate Prime online training courses are easy to deploy and hassle-free to manage. The platform features a content integration tool that gives you the ability to integrate your existing online materials effortlessly. You can then deploy your online training course on a variety of different formats, including PDF, video, PPTX, AICC, and SCORM. You can also track learner progress and training effectiveness for every aspect of your online training course. All of these functions give you the opportunity to ensure that every member of your team is meeting their goals and developing necessary skill sets. You have the ability to measure the success of your online training initiatives, as well, to verify that they are in-line with your performance objectives.

4. Assign Roles With The Smart Enroller Feature.

Adobe Captivate Prime includes a Smart Enroller tool that serves as an internal search engine. Simply search for a specific metadata, such as managers, departments, and locations, to create groups and assign roles. You then have the option to automatically allocate certain online training modules or programs to teams or individuals. Thus, every employee will receive individualized online training that focuses on information, skills, and processes they will use on a daily basis. The platform also includes an external partner training feature that can help you fine tune the skills and knowledge base of your partner organizations. For example, before rolling out a new product line you can provide them with in depth sales online training that highlights the specs of your goods or services.

5. Verify The Effectiveness Of Your eLearning Courses.

Online training courses are only truly successful if they meet performance objectives and align with your organization’s goals. The most effective way to determine if your online training course achieves this is by gathering feedback, analyzing online assessment scores, and monitoring learner progress. Adobe Captivate Prime offers all of these functions. With this valuable data you can improve the weaknesses in your existing corporate eLearning strategy and capitalize on its strengths, as well as integrate the ideal online training materials for the evolving needs of your organization and/or employees.

6. Cultivate A Thriving Learning Culture.

The most successful online training programs are centered on a successful learning culture. When learners are part of an active training community they are more likely to participate and get more out of the experience. Games, social media integration, and a solid feedback system are just some of the ways that you can cultivate your thriving learning culture with Adobe Captivate Prime. Another benefit of choosing Prime is that you have access to certification tools. You can ensure that all of your employees are up-to-date with their compliance, safety, and procedural certifications with ease. You no longer need to worry about lapsing certificates, because the platform will automatically enroll learners in refresher online training courses when their certifications expire.

eLearning professionals who are dealing with limited staff or resources can develop and deploy amazing online training courses with a single solution: Adobe Captivate Prime. Adobe also offers a free trial, giving you the chance to try their platform before you buy. So, why not discover the benefits it has to offer and see if it’s the right tool for your L&D needs.

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS helps you deliver stimulating learner experiences. Go live instantly with the Fluidic Player that plays virtually any eLearning content seamlessly regardless of format be it PPTX, video, PDF, and DOCX files, and AICC, xAPI, SCORM packages. Improve retention by allowing learners to make revision notes  in the Fluidic Player for future referencing. Enable learners to consume content in online or offline mode, on any device, and track their progress using a personalized dashboard. Apply your enterprise brand colors to key interface elements or choose from attractive themes to change the look and feel of your UI.

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