6 Creative Ways To Encourage Customers To Leave Favorable LMS Reviews

6 Creative Ways To Encourage Customers To Leave Favorable LMS Reviews
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Summary: One of the easiest but dishonest ways to get noticed online is to buy reviews. Are there better ways to encourage users to share their thoughts on your product? In this article, I’ll share some creative ways to acquire favorable LMS reviews without resorting to underhanded tactics.

Get Your Customers' Favorable Testimonials Out In The Public With These 6 Creative Ways

Research shows that reviews control the volume of sales, and a good review translates into increased business. On the other hand, a bad review is detrimental. When searching for a reliable and credible Learning Management System, clients look at testimonials left by others. There is something about reading someone else’s experience. It offers an intimate perspective that encourages others to try it since their confidence in the service is reaffirmed. It is, therefore, of paramount importance to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews. Here are 6 ways to start collecting LMS reviews (testimonials).

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1. Use Online Search Directories To Collect LMS Reviews

Positive comments on a local search directory count as great reviews for your company. Although they may not be on your website, you can share these customer testimonials on your business page. Local search directories like Yelp, Merchant Circle and Yahoo Local allow their members to appraise businesses. Such online directories have massive traffic which you can easily redirect to your website. However, platforms that are dedicated to eLearning tools and technologies are your best bet as they already cater to your target audience. In order to get reviews on search directories, register and update your LMS company details on their database. On your website, mention all the external directories where you have listings. This will let your clients know where to send their reviews and ratings.

2. Ask Customers To Leave LMS Reviews

"Ask and you shall receive" sounds far-fetched but it holds true. You’d be surprised at how far you can go by simply requesting customers to write a referral for your LMS. It can feel awkward, so the choice of words in your message makes all the difference. A sincere and classy query motivates clients to leave a review. More often than not, the review will be positive. To make things easier, incorporate a review option into the LMS itself. Ask users to rate the platform using a simple system. It could be up to 5 stars or 10 points, with a blank slot for comments. Send an automated but personalized "thank you" for every review. It makes LMS customers feel that you appreciate and value their opinion, which could turn them into a product advocate. Make sure your thank-you note doesn’t sound generic, either.

3. Offer Unique Services Worthy Of Good Reviews

The primary incentive for great reviews is a unique service. By analyzing your competitors, you can identify gaps and stand out. Whether it’s free maintenance or unlimited cloud computing storage, you can offer perks worth sharing. Another option is to incentivize LMS testimonials. You could enter all the reviews into a draw and then randomly select winners for discounts or coupons. A common practice is to have your tech support to request a review after every client interaction. Incentivize your staff to take that extra step by giving them bonuses for earning positive LMS referrals. It will make them put more effort into pleasing customers. This, in turn, will generate a response and a good review from said customers.

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Incentivizing LMS testimonials is one thing, but avoid monetary rewards that may be construed as "buying" positive reviews. The key is to reward every review, not just the ones that are favorable. In fact, the negative reviews can help shed light on areas for improvement so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future.

4. Request Timely LMS Reviews

"Out of sight, out of mind" is a popular expression used to describe customer behavior. You stand a better chance of getting an LMS review if you facilitate it immediately at the point of sale. The longer you wait before forwarding a review request, the slimmer your chances of getting any. To realize an increase in positive reviews for your LMS company you must be prompt. As soon as you install updates or perform routine maintenance, request a review. Moreover, if you have emails of clients, you can follow up on the initial request. A few days later, if they haven’t appraised you, send a reminder email. The email should contain links of where and how to submit their review.

5. Create An LMS Review Hashtag

You’re probably already using Twitter to build brand awareness, possibly even during live marketing events, for example, by creating a hashtag to go along with your latest webinar so that attendees can discuss topics during the event. However, you can also use this platform to gather favorable LMS reviews and display them in one centralized location. Include your LMS review hashtag in all marketing materials, websites, landing pages, and social media groups. Invite users to write a brief review for your LMS and include the customized hashtag at the end.

Start Collecting LMS Reviews And Reach More Than +647K eLearning Professionals
Benefit from eLearning Industry's directory and reach your ideal LMS buyer personas!

6. Tap Into The Power Of Niche Review Sites

eLearning Industry also gives users the ability to leave reviews for Learning Management Systems. Thousands of eLearning professionals visit our platform every day. This gives you the opportunity to generate countless favorable reviews and gather valuable feedback. Encourage your LMS users to visit your LMS listing on eLearning Industry's directory section. There, they can provide their honest opinions so that your LMS has a greater chance of being featured in the "Top LMS" lists. If you haven't already, go ahead and add your LMS directory listing to our platform!

Although reviews are not the main focus in most businesses, they play a crucial role. Bad service can diminish your reputation almost immediately. Likewise, good reviews can make your LMS product trend on social media and online directories. To invite positive testimonials, list your LMS in online directories. Request reviews as soon as possible after the course completion. Provide unique perks that your LMS customers will be itching to share. With these tips, you can build your brand and enhance your reputation.

Encourage your LMS customers to leave favorable reviews on eLearning Industry. They will be able to share their thoughts about your platform’s overall User Experience, value for money, and a variety of other metrics. And remember, there are quite a few more ways to pitch your product. So, be sure to read this eBook Build The Buzz On A Budget: How To Promote Your LMS Online And Boost Profits, for rapid online marketing results that don’t cost you a small fortune.

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