Geo-Bidding PPC Marketing: Everything LMS Companies Should Know

Geo-Bidding PPC Marketing: Everything LMS Companies Should Know
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Summary: Do you need to increase your online visibility and broaden your prospects reach without going over your marketing budget? Try PPC Advertising. It is one of the best marketing strategies any eLearning marketer can follow to target the ideal LMS buyers. In this article, I’ll share everything LMS companies should know about launching a geo-bidding PPC ad campaign.

8 Things LMS Companies Should Know About Geo-Bidding PPC Marketing

PPC (or pay-per-click) ads give you complete control of your marketing budget by allowing you to set spending caps based on specific criteria, such as visitors’ geographical location or keyword searches. Unlike most other promotional methods, you only pay when someone clicks on the ad. Namely, someone who is already interested in your LMS product and is likely to convert into a customer. Geo-bidding also allows you to bid on specific locales so that you always get the best ad rate. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know to create a successful geo-bidding PPC marketing campaign, as well as 4 notable benefits this cost-effective promotional strategy can bring LMS companies.

4 PPC Marketing Benefits For LMS Companies

1. Minimize Marketing Spending While Maximizing Results

Many traditional marketing tactics involve paying up front, in the hopes that your LMS product will gain some exposure. But geo-bidding PPC marketing only requires you to pay for clicks. And you get to create your own bids for each location/keyword. You can even set a max spending cap for a specific time frame so that you don’t go over budget. As a result, you get to target prospects who are already actively searching for what you have to offer, which means that you achieve better results for less.

2. Improve SEO And Enhance Your Online Visibility

One of the most overlooked benefits of PPC advertising is that it improves your search engine rankings. Particularly when you include targeted keywords in your ads. Thus, you enhance your LMS company’s online visibility and stay one step ahead of the competition. PPC geo-bidding also allows you to attract prospects in certain locations based on keyword searches. For example, those who are attending a learning tech trade show or conference in a certain region.

3. Increase Conversion Rates

As I mentioned earlier, visitors who click on your ad are more likely to convert into a sale. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have taken the time to search for Learning Management Systems or click on the link. Thus, PPC marketing can help you increase conversion and click-through rates for your LMS landing page, which improves your marketing ROI.

4. Collect Valuable Big Data

Geo-bidding PPC marketing gives you access to valuable user and site data you can use to fine-tune your LMS marketing strategy. For example, determine when most people click on your ad or their demographical profile as well as which keywords they are looking for and where they are located. You can even use the data to analyze their behaviors and preferences, then adjust your landing page accordingly.

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4 Tips To Launch An LMS PPC Geo-Bidding Campaign

1. Adjust Spending Caps Accordingly Based On Performance

You can only reap the budgetary benefits of LMS PPC advertising if you know how to set caps and monitor performance effectively. This is where KPIs and ad metrics come into play. You must analyze how each ad performs based on its display location, keywords, and competition levels. For example, you’re running an LMS ad in the San Francisco, CA area that yields high conversion rates. The clicks are costlier than your Manchester, UK ad campaign, but the returns are significantly higher. As such, you may want to shift your marketing focus to the SF area and decrease your spending cap for underperforming regions.

2. Customize LMS Landing Pages

Every geo-bidding PPC marketing ad you create redirects visitors to a landing page where they can learn more about your product. This is your chance to make your system stand out and emphasize your unique selling points. However, you must create landing pages that resonate with the target audience instead of generic sites that fall flat and don’t address their pain points. Launch customized landing pages for each demographic that feature graphics, USPs, and calls-to-action that speak to them on a personal level.

3. Use Targeted Keywords To Attract The Right Buyers

Location is a major factor in geo-bidding PPC marketing, but keywords are still the star of the show. In fact, it’s wise to create keywords that feature the name of the locale so that you appeal to the right groups. Use a keyword tool to find terms or phrases that have the ideal level of competitiveness and try pairing them with the city/district name. You should also include these keywords in your landing page to maximize your SEO efforts. Also, don’t forget to incorporate them organically and avoid oversaturation.

4. Create Exaggeration-Free Titles That Pique Prospects’ Interests

PPC ads must include a title that catches the prospect’s eye without making false promises. Remember, it should be a Call-To-Action so that they click on the link. Not a cliched sales pitch that seems contrived or exaggerated. Write a few different titles to see which works best, then rework the titles based on ad metrics. Be clear about who the ad is for and why they should take the time to visit your landing page. For example, ask a question that addresses one of their most common pain points. Then invite them to click through to your site to discover how your LMS can help them improve ROI or boost employee engagement.

A carefully crafted geo-bidding PPC marketing strategy gives you the power to improve SEO, collect valuable visitor data, and increase conversions. This makes it the perfect option for LMS companies who want to stretch their LMS marketing budget through fully transparent geo-bidding. Use these 4 tips to create an ad that attracts the ideal prospects and allows you to allocate your resources more efficiently.

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