Smart Ways To Convert Leads Through eBooks By Targeting Corporate Training Buyers

Smart Ways To Convert Leads Through eBooks By Targeting Corporate Training Buyers
Summary: What better way to connect with buyers and boost sales than to offer value-added content. Here are 7 savvy ways to achieve lead conversion success with eLearning eBooks.

Lead Conversion: How Do eBooks Help eLearning Companies Target Corporate Training Buyers?

How can you convert leads through eBooks and draw in a bigger corporate training crowd? The great thing about eBooks is that they walk the fine line between marketing and customer outreach. Buyers get all the info they need to make a well-informed decision or address organizational challenges. Simultaneously, your eLearning business increases its credibility and brand presence. In short, you establish trust and industry authority so that corporate training leads convert into paying customers. This guide highlights 7 smart ways to turn those eBook readers into conversions with eLearning eBooks.

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7 Amazing Ways To Convert Leads Into Conversions With eBooks

1. Balance Reader Pain Points With Promotional Goals

Buyers usually don’t download eBooks to sit through a 35-page sales pitch. In fact, they’re looking for information that can help them deal with pain points head-on. Or, maybe they need pointers to cut costs and improve employee engagement. That said, you still need to promote your product or service. The secret is to strike a balance. You need to meet their expectations while still generating and nurturing leads. For example, corporate training buyers learn how to mitigate compliance risks…with the help of your off-the-shelf solutions, of course. Lead conversion isn't easy, but by offering content that solves problems you might get one step closer to your goal.

2. Peruse Competitors’ Bookshelves

Another smart way to convert leads through eBooks is to see what the competition is doing. Which eBooks do they publish? What’s their target audience? Which discussion points do they cover and what’s the overall aesthetic? Competitors’ content can help you choose the best topics, keywords, and tone for your eLearning marketing eBook. For instance, their eBook has thousands of downloads because it deals with a hot trend or common challenges in a niche industry.

3. Maximize Marketing Data

eLearning companies need to analyze data before creating content marketing eBooks. Looking at the numbers allows you to identify gaps in your current strategy and connect with your audience. As an example, one of your articles gets a large amount of traffic and likes on social media. So, it may be wise to delve into the topic at length in an eBook. On the other hand, you may realize that your list of topics may be way off-course, maybe buyers simply aren’t interested in this subject matter or it’s a passing fad.

4. Touch On Real-World Perks And USPs

High-quality eLearning content has emotional triggers that convert leads. The eBook explains why your product or service stands out and the real-world benefits. Simply put, it’s a subtler way to draw buyers in and stand apart from the competition. You have the opportunity to connect every pain point to a product feature or service. For instance, this is how your LMS social learning support improves remote collaboration and employee engagement. When aiming for lead conversion, this one is your best bet! So, highlight what you excel at and you'll reap the benefits in the long run. It's all about offering what they need when they need it.

5. Offer Insider Tips And Tricks

Most readers (AKA qualified buyers) rely on eLearning marketing eBooks for guidance. You capture quality leads while they learn from the pros, thanks to your niche expertise. Thus, every eLearning eBook should offer valuable tips, tricks, and techniques they won’t find elsewhere. For example, here are 10 tried and tested ways to globalize online training using a multilingual LMS, or 7 employee retention obstacles and tips to overcome them with eLearning outsourcing.

6. Include Relevant Backlinks

You're able to convert more leads through eBooks by including relevant backlinks. For example, each section has 5 links that tie into the subject matter and take readers to targeted landing pages. As a result, your eLearning marketing eBook becomes an all-in-one guide because buyers can check out other resources without scouring the web. All the information they need is there. Likewise, your eLearning company has the opportunity to promote related services and build even more industry authority.

7. Promote With Purpose

It can be tempting to cover a lot of marketing ground in a single eBook. However, you should focus on a specific topic, challenge, or trend because that’s what buyers are looking for. You’re more likely to hold their attention if you stay on topic and delve into all its facets versus trying to highlight every product feature. First and foremost, you must have a purpose for every eBook you publish, beyond marketing. For instance, this eBook is all about VR training for healthcare companies that need to improve quality of care. Throughout the entire creation process, this purpose should be front and center. Then, think of a creative way to incorporate your marketing into the fold. The caveat is that your topic shouldn't be too narrow, as that excludes a good portion of your audience.

Are you wondering which subject would be interesting for your next eBook? Make sure to cover these trending topics for corporate training!

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These are just a few ways to achieve lead conversion through eBooks and build a rapport with targeted corporate training buyers. But, even the most attention-grabbing content needs a solid marketing strategy behind it to increase downloads. Thus, it's crucial to promote your eBook on social media to build your marketing list and nurture leads. Fortunately, eLearning Industry's eBook marketing approach helps you expand your online presence and get your product or service in front of decision-makers.

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