How eLearning Marketers Can Affect Purchase Decisions Through Content Marketing

How eLearning Marketers Can Affect Purchase Decisions Through Content Marketing
Summary: Content marketing influences purchase decisions by building trust and establishing authority. But how do you reach key decision-makers at every stage of the funnel?

How Content Marketing Influences Purchase Decisions And Boosts Conversions

There are numerous ways that content marketing influences purchase decisions. First and foremost, you get in front of decision-makers who are already interested in your eLearning product or service. They’re on the cusp of clicking that "buy" button and just need a little nudge. But you also reach prospects that are still at the opening of the funnel, those who want to raise their awareness and see what your corporate training business can do for them.

So, how do you influence customer decisions in eLearning? In this article, I’ll explore the many reasons to launch content marketing campaigns that impact buying intent and purchase decisions.

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5 Reasons Content Marketing Is The Way To Go If You Want To Influence Purchase Decisions

1. Build Authority

Purchasing processes typically start with an online reconnaissance mission. The decision-makers look for eLearning companies that offer niche expertise, whether it’s software providers, content creators, or off-the-shelf training solutions. Thus, content marketing influences purchase decisions from day one.

For example, prospects read your article or download your eBook to learn more about the topic. This is their introduction to your brand. Hence, this piece of content marketing establishes you as an industry authority that can bring value to their organization.

2. Reach Customers At Every Stage Of The Journey

One of the most convincing reasons to launch a content marketing strategy is lead nurturing to persuade decision-makers. You reach customers at every stage of the journey based on the content you provide.

As an example, articles draw in qualified leads with targeted search intent while webinars are ideal for eLearning prospects further down the funnel who are ready to seal the deal. eLearning businesses are able to custom tailor a content marketing strategy that addresses EVERY customer touchpoint.

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3. Offer Valuable eLearning Content

A prime example of how content marketing influences decisions is being able to solve training buyer's pain points with the right content. You provide them with value-added content to not only promote your service but help them address L&D obstacles.

For instance, your latest webinar shows them how to maximize employee engagement in compliance online training or ways to improve Big Data collection and monitor performance with robust LMS reporting features. You're giving prospects valuable information so that they’ll click-through to your site. However, the primary goal is to build trust and credibility.

Please note that creating SEO content is what will help your efforts flourish. No point in creating content if prospects can't find it easily on search engines, right?

4. Enhance Online Visibility

Decision marketing content improves SEO thanks to embedded links and keywords. Thus, decision-makers are more likely to see your page first in the SERPs instead of visiting your competitors’ sites and building rapport with them. Simply put, you stand out online so that qualified leads encounter your brand first, whether it’s a top list, eBook landing page, or directory listing.

In fact, business and product listings are a cost-effective way to build even more brand authority and rise in the rankings especially when your eLearning business is associated with a credible site that’s already made a name for itself.

5. Drive Traffic To The Most Converting Landing Pages

Prospects have the opportunity to learn more about your eLearning product or service. Engaging content marketing prompts them to click-through and get to know your brand. Therefore, they’re more likely to invest in your eLearning business because they have crucial buying info.

Hence, they can make a strong business case and secure funding since you’ve provided them with all the details, from client success stories to pricing plans.

*Bonus Tip 1: The Role Of Exclusive Directories In Decision Marketing

Highly targeted buyers visit an exclusive directory to compare solutions and make the best buying decision. For example, they need a new LMS or authoring tool to fill existing gaps or maybe they are looking for a content provider to help them with their corporate training initiatives.

The buying intent is already there but the directory helps them identify software vendors and content providers that align with their use case. More often than not, prospects that use directory listings to qualify companies are at the shortlisting stage. They’ve already learned about the benefits and set a realistic budget and now it’s time to see which vendors meet all their needs. Here are a few insider secrets to make the most of your directory listing:

  • Invest in PPC listings to get prominent placement and drive more traffic to your page
  • Use keywords to attract qualified buyers with search intent
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews and ratings to build your social proof

Bottom line: Your business sees rapid results since the exclusive directory has a solid reputation among eLearning pros and top decision-makers.

*Bonus Tip 2: How Reviews Impact Purchase Decisions

Qualified buyers rely on ratings and reviews to make a wise investment. Thus, social proof plays a pivotal role in the marketing decision-making process. Reviews impact purchasing decisions because prospects look for tried and tested eLearning products and services. They may want to be trailblazers in their field but trying out new corporate training solutions is a different story.

For example, they look for eLearning software or outsourcing partners that prioritize support, as this is what they need to improve ROI and lower the learning curve. A rave review that highlights your stellar service, customer training, and one-on-one support might be the deal-clincher.

Fortunately, an exclusive directory has a section dedicated to social proof. Thus, giving you an opportunity to enhance your online reputation and establish a proven track record.


Content marketing influences purchase decisions by leveraging your insider know-how to build rapport with your audience. It’s a two-pronged approach that prioritizes value-added content while still promoting your USPs. In short, decision content marketing is a results-driven strategy that benefits prospects and your business’s bottom line.

The question is: Which promotional tool offers the best ROI for your organization? You can learn more about 360 inbound marketing, eBooks, webinars, and articles on our content marketing page. There’s even a short quiz to help you choose the right advertising solution for your budget and sales goals.

Last but not least, you might also enjoy reading our exclusive guide on corporate training marketing solutions.

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