11 Unexpected Ways To Start Getting More Customer Reviews For Your eLearning Brand

11 Unexpected Ways To Start Getting More Customer Reviews For Your eLearning Brand
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Summary: Customer reviews are all the social proof you need to drive purchases and collaborations. They make you look trustworthy and they also build your brand awareness. Collecting online customer reviews for your eLearning Brands is essential. In this article, you'll find 11 amazing ideas to actually help you get what you're asking for from your existing customers!

Leverage The Power of Customer Reviews To Help Your eLearning Brand Grow

The X-factor to increasing your business’s review collective is to delight your customers. Being courteous and empathetic is key to exceeding the customer’s expectations as they go through the customer service process. Your business can benefit immensely not only by delivering unexpectedly good customer service but also by mentioning the importance of customer reviews every step of the way.

When potential customers see many positive reviews about your product or service, they usually feel more secure. By reading reviews from other customers, many aspects of your product will become clearer, helping prospects make a decision and buy your product or service. Another reason to up your game in collecting customer reviews is that it is beneficial for your SEO. Online reviews count in your business’s ranking in the SERPs.

Let’s figure out some ways on how you can gather more customer reviews in order to invest in your business’s growth and sales revenue.

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1. Email Blast To Get More Customer Reviews

If you are wondering how you can get your first online customer reviews, you should consider using the email blast approach. First of all, you need to get your customers’ contacts. An easy way to do that is to ask them for their contact information during the purchase procedure or when you sign a contract. This is a great opportunity to keep in contact with your customers on a regular basis, but we will cover that in another section below.

Keep in mind that email marketing works better with the use of contact list segmentation. For instance, you could create separate lists where you will categorize your customers. You might like to create different categories like: by product purchase, by year of purchase, by country of purchase, by returning customers, etc.

Customer reviews give businesses the chance to see what’s working or even get discovered by new customers. In the most successful cases, customer reviews help businesses sell more stuff.

What's The Best Way To Ask For A Review?

Some of you will wonder what is the best way to ask a customer for a review. Well, there isn’t. However, there are some details which you should pay attention to. The subject line makes or breaks the results of any form of email marketing.

In order to get a good review, you can target customers who have shown positive engagement or target the ones you already know are satisfied with your product. You can consult your sales team for the latter. So, take the time to write your subject in the right way since it affects the review conversion.

What would a customer like to read in order to actually write a review? Steps to follow: a) Always include your brand name to increase review incentives b) Emotional appeal has an impact on review response but that is not the case in every industry c) Ask a question in the subject line to inspire more customer reviews.

At eLearning Industry, you have the opportunity to show off reviews and increase social proof in our:

2. Include Information In Your Email Newsletter

Another way to take advantage of your customer contacts through email marketing is to reach out to them with a newsletter. By sending informative and product-focused content via a tailored email to your subscribers, your company can engage potential prospects. Or even catch the interest of already existing customers regarding a specific eLearning product or service.

You can take this opportunity to ask for a review from clients who have already tried one of your products or services. Your company shouldn’t miss the chance to utilize the newsletter strategy.

This tactic will help you maintain your brand’s awareness in the minds of your clients. You can use the newsletter as a way to establish authority but also notify your readers about new products that may appeal to them.

Audiences need to understand what your newsletter is all about the moment they read the subject line. You have to present the Call-To-Actions early. To make this work, you have to think as if you were the customer and if you would actually read all its content.

A question to ask yourself: What makes you read a newsletter in the first place?

Main focus points for your email campaigns: they have to be relevant, interesting, and valuable.

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How To Make It Work

Always try to use your top content and try to teach your readers or at least provide them with something useful before even starting to create your newsletter. While sharing your best content is key to keeping your customers educated about your eLearning products and services, you can take advantage of this opportunity and include a CTA section with an image or even a simple text form and ask for their review feedback.

You will be surprised at the percentage of customers who will actually take the time to comment on their experience with your product. Just make sure to send them to a dedicated landing page.

If you want a proven way to drive and convert traffic, then landing pages are your go-to choice. Make sure to identify your customer language and adapt it for better results. Testimonials and reviews convey trust, and this is exactly what you want to achieve by collecting them.

Eager to start collecting new reviews for your eLearning solutions?

Simply click on this link: Start Collecting Reviews For Your eLearning Brand [Free eMail Templates]

3. How Social Media Sharing Adds To Your Customer Review Collection

Understanding the importance of online reviews is crucial for your eLearning business. Every year, we see increasing numbers of customers make online searches before actually deciding to purchase eLearning solutions or outsource their eLearning.

Some read reviews on Google, business listing platforms, niche-specific directories, etc. depending on the product, others might check reviews on your site but a lot of them actually read reviews on each company’s social media pages as well.

Your Facebook Business Page matters more than you think. In fact, more and more consumers check your Facebook Page before they visit your business site or headquarters.

What You Need To Consider

When you make a purchase as a customer, you are more likely to buy when a friend, a colleague, or a relative make a suggestion. This is exactly how things work with online reviews. This also happens when prospects ask advice from their eLearning peers.

So, you should always have in mind that social proof drives more conversions and increases sales. In order to gain more social media reviews, you can reach out to your company’s audience by conducting a poll periodically. In this way, you could target customers who have done business with you in the last month and ask them to write a review.

For example, make good use of Facebook and promote current reviews of your product there. You might even post a direct link to a landing page on your site where customers can write a new review. The easier you make it for your customer to complete the action, the better. The goal is to keep it simple.

Other Options

Another technique is to share quotes from reviews you have already received. You can follow the same strategy on Twitter or even LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an ideal place to reach your clients, especially because it is focused on businesses and professionals. Such a testimonial would count greatly, and even give an incentive for other buyers to share their feedback with a new review if they are already using your product.

Gathering reviews requires hard work, but asking for them is the best way to get them. Make good use of your social media channels by sharing the reviews you have already gained from other channels in order to win against your eLearning competitors.

Next time a potential customer visits your social media page he or she could get a better idea about your products or services by reading positive comments of other customers when looking through your content posts. There are endless opportunities on how you can take advantage of the positive impact that your company has on eLearning prospects.

4. Add A Reviews Link In Your Email Signature

If you want to stay on top of the competitive niche market of eLearning, you have to start gaining more reviews. Another tip to achieve this is to take advantage of your email signature.

An email signature is important for your eLearning brand because it is a cost-effective means to promote your business. As you probably know, it is essential to sign your message properly. Why not take it a step further?

With an efficient email signature and the right CTA, like asking for a product or service review, you can up your game and override the competition. A visually compelling message in your email signature is the best way to win your customer’s attention and get the review you need to boost your credibility.

Happy customers won’t hesitate to share their opinion. All you have to do is give them several ways to do that and lead them to take the action of actually submitting the review.

5. NPS Score Within An eLearning Company’s Portal

Always remember that online customer reviews can be a revenue driver for your business. Never forget that. One proven way to reach your customers and learn their opinion is to use a Net Promoter Score (NPS).

An NPS is a powerful, yet simple tool, that can boost your review collection. NPS measures your customers' loyalty and satisfaction by categorizing them into groups. This whole procedure makes it simple for your company to classify your clients, a procedure that will also help you with your contact list segmentation.

All this depends on how your customers reply when they are asked to answer how likely they are, on a scale of 1-10, to recommend your services to people they know. In the long run, NPS can help you increase your business growth.

Why Your Customers' Responses Matter

Your customers’ responses will help clarify what kind of experience a customer had when using your product or eLearning service. NPS score is a critical measurement that gives valuable feedback about customer service, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and brand recommendations.

The questions you ask your customers through the NPS tool depend on the results you need to gather. For example, you can address your questions to your clients by using an NPS tool like this.

Another great thing about reviews and their importance is that you get feedback from your clients in order to improve your service or product. Now, you can start deploying your NPS questionnaire within eLearning Company’s Portal and start receiving your feedback.

6. eLearning Industry’s Review Badge

eLearning buyers rely heavily on online reviews before choosing whether or not to do business with you. Collecting reviews is imperative because it ensures prospects that your product or service is a trusted brand. This is exactly why review gathering must be an ongoing process for all eLearning companies.

In fact, 80% of users trust online reviews as much as word-of-mouth recommendations. One thing to note is that when potential customers check reviews, they pay attention to the date of submission regarding each review. Customers are more likely to trust a company that has gained reviews in recent dates.

So, What Does This Mean For Your eLearning Brand?

This means you should be constantly reminding your new customers to take action and review your product or service in all channels possible. Why not take advantage of eLearning Industry’s Review Badge?

By using our review badge you can collect even more reviews. When a customer visits your company’s homepage they can click on the badge and land on a dedicated review landing page in eLearning Industry's directories.

11 Unexpected Ways To Start Getting More Customer Reviews For Your eLearning Brand

Get eLearning Industry's review badge and use it on your homepage to get more customer reviews!

In order to qualify for your own eLearning Industry Review Badge, you have to get at least one review in your company’s listing in our directory. When that happens, you can log into your account and get the HTML code snippet, which can then be embedded in your desired landing page.

It is important to understand that review gathering must be an ongoing process for companies in the eLearning niche.

Many users sort by reviews and ratings when they search into directories. As a result, the more positive reviews you get, the better chance you have to gain more customers.

Landing more product or service reviews can increase the CTR of your directory listing. This will constantly improve your company’s overall ranking, leading to greater brand awareness. Company reviews by customers are the essence of creating social proof, improving trust, and building your authority.

Remember, by gaining more reviews in eLearning Industry’s directories, you will also qualify for our upcoming Top Lists! Getting new review feedback will constantly improve your overall ranking. It might also give you a better chance to be featured in our Top eLearning Solutions Lists.

7. Dedicated Email After Support

Reaching out to your eLearning customers and encouraging them to leave a review is essential. This can also be done via a dedicated email after they contact your Customer Support Department.

Companies provide technical support over the phone, live chat, or email. So, in case one of your customers had an issue and asked for the assistance of your customer support, you have an opportunity to ask for their feedback.

A dedicated email allows you to receive plenty of information about the issues that your customer had to face. You can take advantage of this and optimize your review requests. You're more likely to gain positive reviews by encouraging transparent feedback.

A review is more valuable when it includes interesting feedback rather than being a plain rating. Last but not least, getting feedback from your clients' reviews is vital because it will help you improve your software/service.

Collecting reviews can assist vendors in seeing success in a short amount of time, but it’s still not an easy task. When you manage to finally get a review, be sure to express your gratitude for the customer’s submission and remind them why their feedback is so important.

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8. Phone Calls From Account Managers

Some older methods are still effective, so another possible approach is to get your Account Managers to reach out to your clients directly and ask for a review. Customers that appreciate your service will often want to reciprocate with a positive review.

It is key to ask for a review when your customer is happiest. There is no better way to ensure that than by getting feedback from your Account Manager. Since they are the ones who have constant contact with your clients, they can leverage the right time to prompt them for an online review.

Direct voice communication sometimes makes things easier. Your customers may be satisfied with your product, but they might also be really pleased with your Client Service and the business connection between the two parties. This will work to your advantage, making it easier to receive a good review.

9. Incentivize Employees

It is really important to help your employees understand that getting positive social validation for your company is vital. A great collection of customer reviews can create a positive influence on prospective customers when they're seeking to buy your products or services.

You have to find a way to incentivize your employees to ask for reviews. After noticing which platform is sending you the most traffic, you should prioritize getting reviews from this channel first.

Some of the most effective reviews for businesses across all industries are those submitted on Facebook and Google. When it comes to B2B businesses, LinkedIn reviews have a huge impact as well.

So, it would be wise to remind to your Social Media Manager to ask for reviews when a positive engagement shows up. You also have to focus on getting more reviews for your company’s dedicated review landing page.

When prospects try to figure out which product or service to use, they rely on online reviews foremost. What better way to invest in increasing your review collection onsite.

Don’t forget that you can also benefit from getting a directory listing and asking your customers to review your company there as well.

Build Trust To Get Recognition From The Inside

Of course, the key to getting your employees to ask for reviews is to build trust with them. When your employees know that you have a quality product or service, they won’t hesitate to request a customer’s confirmation on it.

Depending on your business’s needs, you can lead your employees to ask for reviews on the appropriate channels every step of the way. You might even want to try and reward the employee who gets the most reviews within a certain time period.

Employee recognition for improving social reputation could also have a positive impact on your workforce’s perspective, resulting in increased performance and boosts to the bottom line. For this to be done correctly, you’ll have to track their progress.

By setting goals and establishing timelines, you can not only identify obstacles in expanding your review revenue but also recognize and compensate your top performers.

In return for landing those reviews, salary increases, or even one-time bonuses, or maybe even small office upgrades are appropriate and effective rewards. You might also consider offering development opportunities with constant training, learning, and education within your employees' desired fields.

10. Incentivize Your eLearning Customers

Online reviews validate your products, services, and your brand. Another ideal method to get a review is to incentivize your customers. Have you ever thought of creating a contest?

In addition to increasing your review collection, offering prizes to chosen customers in exchange for their review might also increase your customers’ loyalty and satisfaction. The chance of winning a prize is a great incentive for someone to leave a review.

Boosting your review collection and generating social proof is what will establish you as a credible and trusted company in the eyes of the market. Online reviews are an important factor that will raise the reputation and the standards of your business.

When it comes to evaluating a business product or service, consumers are the best judges since they can define your business’s credibility. In order to help your customers find benefit in investing their time to write a review, you could provide them with a free gift card or credit points in return.

A really effective method you may try is providing your customers with a coupon for writing a review. You can follow the same strategy if you need them to share the review on their social media. This tactic will boost your revenue even more.

Offering Something Of Value

Coupons and discounts are a proven way of generating reviews but can also help you boost your game in sales revenue. Another approach to incentivize your customers could be to offer product sampling to generate new reviews. By sending freebies or samples, you could increase your review collection.

You can take advantage of this when you are ready to deploy a new product launch, or even if you have a seasonal product running. The seasonal market is competitive, but you can rise to the top of the list by increasing traffic along with rapid conversions. Sweepstakes or an existing Loyalty or Reward Program could work depending on your product or service. It is key to know your audience and its needs if you want to offer the right incentives. In this way, you will attract customers who will actually care to share their opinion about what your company offers.

Always make sure that you provide incentives that make sense and relate to your business niche.

11. Send Browser Push Notifications To Clients

It is essential for any business to target consumers and gain enthusiastic and honest reviews. However, getting busy professionals to take the time to review your product or service is tough. You have to make it easy and simple for your customers if you want to get actual conversions.

A great way to remind your clients to write a review is to use push notifications. If you are wondering what push notifications are, imagine them as alert-style messages that appear on your browser or smartphone.

Notification campaigns regarding product reviews are one of the effective triggers one can use in review collection. By sending a browser push notification to your buyers, you can build a trust factor among customers.

By using this strategy, you can reach prospects and customers directly. Keep in mind that some of your customers may be in the same time zone. So, you should not send notifications to all your users at the same time.

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Using Browser Notifications In Practice

It’s a good practice to keep it personal, so you might consider calling your customers by name. It is also important to include a Call-To-Action in order to make your customers more prone to click your push notifications.

Precision is key, so invest in writing great copy explaining why they should leave a review for your product or service. Consider that push notifications should be carefully aligned to time with your customers’ behaviors.

They also give you the chance to approach prospects in a more personal way, making it easier to share content that will appeal to your customer as an individual. Push notifications are a great strategy because they are actionable in making it clear for the customer on what the user should do next (i.e., requesting that they leave an online review for your business).

You can send a push notification after a customer has checked out of their shopping cart. Your goal is to get the client to rate their experience by rating your product or service and even sharing more information.

It is wise to suggest urgency in your copy to get more conversions. When deciding to use a push notification, make your content clear and crisp. It is essential to make sure that you target the right audience. It is a good idea to segment your audience and send push notifications accordingly.

Rolling out alerts like these will assist your company to stay on top of your review revenue. It is a low-cost strategy that gives your company the power to draw a customer's attention and transform this wake-up call into trusted reviews.

Next Steps

Here's hoping that all the above information was useful to get your customer review collection to reach its highest peak! Of course, it is of the utmost importance that you manage to add a business listing for your eLearning brand in as many directories as you can. Adding your listing to niche-specific directories, like the one available from eLearning Industry's platform, is crucial. This is where your eLearning brand can benefit the most because the audience is highly targeted. Make sure to read The Impact Of Reviews And Overall Ratings On PPC Success for an in-depth analysis.

If you haven't already, you can add your eLearning business listing in our directory now!

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