How to Get More Subscribers On YouTube
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How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

Like every star needs fans to make them famous, every YouTuber needs subscribers to grow and gain fame. To monetize your YouTube channel, you need to fulfill the subscriber milestones. Even if your goal is not to become famous on YouTube and merely promote your product, you need subscribers to boost your views and reach. With the new YouTube algorithm, to appear in people’s feeds you need subscribers to increase your views and engagement.

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7 Ways To Increase Your Subscribers

Here are a few ways that will help you bump up your subscribers in no time:

1. Ask Viewers To Subscribe

It’s as simple as that. Viewers need to be reminded to subscribe to your channel. You might think that you will get more followers with your unique content and great visuals, but that is not the case. At times, viewers need to be reminded of the red subscribe button. There’s no shame in asking for subscribers at the end of your YouTube videos. Always make your ending video catchy and add a subscriber button CTA that encourages your viewers to click on the button to increase your numbers.

2. Give A Hint Of The Next Video

We are all a bunch of curious people who love anticipating new things. The most organic way to get people to subscribe to your channel is by hyping up your next video. It is always a good idea to promote your upcoming video trailer in advance, as it makes your viewers more curious to learn about what the upcoming content might be. This is something done by most cinema makers, who give a glimpse of their upcoming movie to create a buzz; and this promotional idea leads to the success of movies in most cases. Most renowned YouTubers promote the trailer for their upcoming videos across various social media platforms to let their followers know when the release date is.

3. Keep It Engaging

The best way to boost YouTube subscribers and keep them is by keeping them engaged. Create small payoffs or run contests to attract more subscribers. For instance, you could run a small contest with a giveaway that will entice your audience and motivate them to subscribe to your channel, such as small offers like every thousandth subscriber will get a chance to give the next video idea. This will help you gain more subscribers without seeming too needy. Always interact with your viewers in the comments section, this will lead to a higher engagement rate of your video and result in a higher ranking on YouTube search.

4. Optimize Your YouTube Channel Page

When a viewer lands on your page, they either leave right away or scroll down to watch videos on your channel. Some research has shown that when your channel page is optimized, it leads to a higher subscription rate. Your YouTube channel art should be catchy enough to hold the viewer's interest, as it is the first impression users get when they land on your channel page. Always add a subscribe button on your channel banner or channel art, the reason is if a viewer is interested in getting connected, then they should have an option to subscribe to your channel right away.

5. Proper Video Thumbnail And Channel Icon

Put a proper and eye-catching thumbnail as it creates the first impression of your video. Don't use blurred images and unprofessional titles as they create a bad impression. Always refer to correct thumbnail size guides before making one. Your channel icon should be your headshot or creative vector image, as it is something that is being used throughout your channel.

6. Cross Promotion

As I mentioned above, most YouTubers promote their new videos and channel on other social media to bump up that subscriber count. You can even ask your friends and family to promote your channel every once in a while to keep the buzz going. You might have more followers on other social media platforms than the number of subscribers on your channel, try to convert them into your subscribers by sharing parts of your videos in your posts or stories.

7. Research

It is essential to research before creating new content. You need to study what your competitors are making and try to one-up their work. It is also essential to know what the niche you are catering to is looking for in content.

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