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An Original Article Includes


Great for companies looking to create valuable original content and reach new audiences.

Write and submit an original article, which we will optimize for increased organic traffic through SEO.


Leverage our SEO expertise.

Reach a highly targeted audience.


Easy-to-use eLI publishing platform for importing, creating, editing, and publishing your content.


Promotion through our daily and weekly newsletters and social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).


SEO by eLI’s SEO experts.


The ideal length is between 1,000–1,500 words.

After you submit your article, our team of experts will review, optimize, and publish your content.

1 rel="nofollow" backlink per 350 words (all backlinks are rel="nofollow").

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Book your publication date.


Upload an original article (ideal length is between 1,000–1,500 words) eight (8) business days before the chosen publication date. We highly recommend checking eLI’s article submission guidelines before you start writing.


Your article will be reviewed by our editorial team and then sent to our SEO experts, who will increase the SEO value of your article.


When the article is ready, we will publish it on eLearning Industry.


Our marketing team will promote your article on eLI’s homepage and through our social media channels and weekly newsletter.

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‘’eLearning Industry’s reputation is the No1 reason we choose to publish articles on their site. Majority of our pieces have gained good rankings. Plus, they’ve helped boost traffic and have brought qualified leads.‘’

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What do I get in return for publishing an article on eLearning Industry?

You are able to showcase your brand in front of 936,000 eLearning professionals. By publishing with eLearning Industry, you are promoting your brand outside of your own reach and existing audience as well as increasing qualified traffic to your website. Also, through your Public Author Profile, you can boost your online visibility as well as promote your own social media sites.

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