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  • Get your message displayed up to 100,000 times monthly, to our qualified audience.
  • Build brand awareness thanks to all our +647,000 monthly visitors.
  • Run up to 2 separate messages on a single campaign and optimize clicks or awareness.
  • Reach the right customer at the right time.
  • No distracting ads or invasive data
  • Our advertising experts will help you optimize the ad-copy and images as needed.
  • Receive Detailed and actionable reporting.

What should you expect

  • Impressions: 100,000 guaranteed impressions per campaign.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): From 0.07% up to 0.17%, with an average of 0.11%.
  • CPM: $5


  • The typical delivery rate is 100.0000 impressions/ month. You will be able to request specific start and end dates for your campaigns.
  • Send us your banner creatives along with the targeted landing page and our team will set up the campaign for you in no time.


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