Are QR Codes Useful As Mobile Learning Solutions?

Are QR Codes Useful As Mobile Learning Solutions?
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Summary: Mobile learning has gained increased popularity due to the pandemic. Employees no longer work from the office; hence, companies can't rely on classroom training.

What Is The Worth Of Mobile Learning Solutions?

Companies are cautious about their learning solutions these days. They can’t afford to get such solutions leaked, because that means losing customers.

It is because a company’s training solutions are all about creating unique selling points (USPs) in its products and services.

Moreover, companies also need to teach the latest technologies to their employees, otherwise they will lose market share.

Apart from being safe, another reason there is a surge in the popularity of mobile learning solutions for training is also that these devices feature social media apps.

If anyone has a query about anything, they can immediately use social media to clear them. There is an immediate resolution of problems. Hence, such solutions have become a preferable option for companies for educating employees.

Mobile learning has also gained increased popularity due to the pandemic because the concept of regular work shifts is over now. The employees no longer work from the office; hence, the companies can’t rely on classroom training. Since anyone carries a mobile phone with them all the time, it’s easy to expedite learning. An employee with access to mobile learning solutions can study when they are about to sleep. They do not have to turn on their laptop to access training.

Employees want omnipresent training which is available at their homes, whilst they are commuting, or anyplace where they find learning comfortable.

Now, the latest advent of this technology is the use of QR codes. Traditionally, QR codes have been used by companies to record the purchase of certain items so that they can update the inventory.

2 Reasons Why Using QR Codes Is Unavoidable

  • Traceable User Analytics

Now any smartphone can scan a QR code and ensure that the customer can download any kind of data, be it a form or a PDF document. Hence, they are now used immensely in mobile learning solutions, where an employee can scan a QR code and download any PDF on their phone. The company can also track which of the employees have scanned the QR codes, visited the link, and downloaded certain material on their device. The dynamic QR codes mean better learning analytics for the company.

With these QR codes, you can find out how many times an employee has checked the same training material. If it is a number of times, it clearly means they had difficulty understanding the same. This means that the information contained in the module was lacking some vital clues and was inadequate for the employee.

  • Easily Available Information

Mobile learning solutions imparted through QR codes are beneficial when the employee wants to get to the information on the spur of the moment.

It frequently happens that the learning is imparted much before it’s actually used. An employee also will not be able to recall information under critical situations and hence needs some help. But with QR codes, they have the required information at their fingertips.

The employees might hate visiting a website every time they have to use a machine. Worst of all, they might not even remember what the link is. Hence, it’s better if a QR code is pasted on every machine so that when an employee scans it, they can get information about how to operate the machine safely.

This is a better option than having an employee scroll through a website to retrieve the SOP of a machine. Through the QR code, the employee can be provided access to a microlearning video or even a manual about how to use the machine without causing an injury. With QR codes, employees can be given access to text documents, email IDs, and even mobile apps. QR codes can ensure that employees can use the learning materials on their smartphones. They don’t even have to take notes during a classroom session, as long as the QR code pointing to the material is with them.

Moreover, with QR codes, the learners don’t have to be bothered about going through an app to find the relevant information. Hence, when the information is needed urgently and the employee does not have time, QR codes are an excellent source of information.

Difference Between Static And Dynamic QR Codes

A static QR code can’t be changed once it has been created. The static QR code has to be recreated and redistributed once the information contained in it is changed. But such is not the hassle with a dynamic QR code when the URL contained in it has changed.

If the users need to change the information attached to it, it can be done with dynamic QR codes. You can easily change the information in the hyperlink of the QR code, but it does not have to be updated. So, the learner can use the same QR code without the company having to worry about whether they will be able to log on to the new hyperlink. The dynamic QR codes allow the companies to evaluate which operating system was used by the learners to read the data and from which place.

Companies can also change the QR code so that the employees can see that it caters to a certain brand image. The QR code can contain the logo of the company and a background image featuring its official address.

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