Artificial Intelligence And The Rise Of Project-Based Learning

Artificial Intelligence For Project-Based Learning
Summary: The use of AI has provided a universal solution to get a set of tools tailored to the specific needs of project-based learners and educators to optimize their routine, increase efficiency, improve accessibility, and scale the processes.

Role Of AI In The Rise Of Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning has emerged as a popular and growing pedagogy at all levels of education. A study by Paul Kim from Stanford University showed that project-based learning coupled with emerging multimodal interaction tools has a considerable influence on learning outcomes. The use of artificial intelligence in PBL entails producing and studying machines and software in an attempt to simulate human intelligence processes. The main goal of AI in project-based learning is to optimize routine learning processes, improving their speed and efficiency.

This article will discuss the role of artificial intelligence in the rise of project-based learning.

What Is The Role Of AI In Project Creation?

Differentiated And Personalized Learning

Adjusting learning based on an individual learner’s needs has been a learning priority for years, but artificial intelligence will allow a level of differentiation. There are several companies currently developing intelligent instructional design and digital platforms that use artificial intelligence to provide learning, testing, and feedback to learners to give them the challenges they are ready for to identify gaps in knowledge and to redirect to new topics when appropriate. In addition, the idea of customizing the curriculum using project-based learning will be enhanced by AI-powered machines.

Create Smart Content

Through artificial intelligence, project creators develop enhanced learning content by using tools such as visualization, simulation, web-based study environments, all powered by AI. A case in point is Education Ecosystem, which uses live streaming aided by AI to deliver project-based learning. By applying artificial intelligence, learning content is designed in simple, easy-to-understand parts for different categories of learners.

Contribute To Task Automation And Collaboration

Automating learning to enhance collaboration between learning content providers and learners has been enhanced by artificial intelligence systems. Learners can give instant feedback that can be aggregated and sorted by an intelligence system and acted on by the provider. In the case of project-based learning, the use of machine learning can be used to deliver custom projects to learners based on factors such as their interests, web activity, preferences, and learning abilities.

What Is The Benefit Of AI To Learners?

Learner Engagement

Through the use of artificial intelligence tools, individualized schedules, custom learning tasks, interaction with learning tools, and personal recommendations are part of the enhanced engagement that a learner can benefit from. Besides, the tools can be used to read learners' engagement with the goal to increase their engagement and raising interest in learning content.

Access To Learning Materials

Artificial intelligence tools [1] can help make global learning content available to all, including those who speak different languages or even those who might have visual or hearing impairments. In modern times, there has been the emergence of software that detects language and auto-translates to the preferred language, while creating subtitles to the instructions being given to learners. This also opens up possibilities for learners to access learning content and materials that are not available in their location or in their language.

Tailor-Made Projects

Just as search engines use human web search activity to deliver custom search results, artificial intelligence can be used in a similar way to track learners’ internet activity, preferences, and learning capabilities to design, develop and deliver custom projects to them. As Wei LI explains in the project "Accelerating artificial intelligence from the Cloud to the Edge [2]." This is a very great addition to project-based learning as it assesses a learner based on their learning capabilities and speed as opposed to the collective capabilities of a learning group. A project can be designed in a method that learners will grasp in the best way possible.


The use of artificial intelligence is on a constant rise. Life with intelligent machines is rapidly affecting the way we live, work, and learn. To wrap up, we can identify the main benefit of artificial intelligence to be the possibility to train machines and software to perform a long list of tasks, offering in such a way a personalized approach to project-based learning. The use of artificial intelligence has provided a universal solution to get a set of tools tailored to the specific needs of project-based learners and educators to optimize their routine, increase efficiency, improve accessibility, and scale the processes.


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