The 70:20:10 Galaxy Learning Battle Cards Map

70 20 10 Galaxy
Summary: 70:20:10 idea is widely discussed in the Learning and Development industry. Some of the Learning and Development professionals find it useful, some treat it as another myth to debunk. Regardless of the tone of these discussions, we prepared a visual which, we believe, will add value to discussions related with this concept.

Learning Battle Cards: The 70:20:10 Galaxy Map

As a reminder: Learning Battle Cards (LBC) is a company with a mission to introduce design thinking techniques to the Instructional Design space.

Instructional Design as a discipline shouldn’t be boring and routine. Although it must be backed-up by various scientifically proven human-centered approaches, the process of designing instruction can leverage on much more engaging, collaborative, iterative, and fun activities. With the LBC tools you can brainstorm, ideate, and describe well-defined, clear and easy-to-explain (thus, easy to sell to stakeholders) prototypes of the learning process based on strong structure and great visual representation.

70:20:10 Galaxy LBC Map

70:20:10 Galaxy is a big poster (such posters are represented in the deck of Learning Battle Cards by Discoverer’s Map card), showing various kinds of learning approaches and tools which could be used while thinking about learning process from the perspective of 70:20:10 model. The goal of this visual is to flex your mind and open eyes on the whole variety of possibilities which could be taken into consideration while designing instructions.

70 20 10 Galaxy map

The map is organized as a galaxy with:
  1. Orbits of astral objects (represented here by Learning Battle Cards tokens).
  2. Nebulas showing different angles of looking at the 70:20:10 approach to learning.

While exploring the map you can leverage on both of these spaces, as they provide you with many inspirations during your brainstorming and ideation. For example – whole taking a look at the 'Peer-based Learning' section (‘20’ space) you can:

  • Review orbit to realize that the development process can be triggered in various different ways (Support Network, Influencers, Local Peers, Remote Peers).
  • Review tokens on specific orbits to find out what specific development actions can be taken (e.g. on ‘Remote Peers’ orbit you can be inspired by ‘Social Media’, ‘Social Network’, ‘Content Curation’, ‘Community of Practice’ and ‘Wiki’ LBC token with additional satellites around).
  • Review nebulas to find additional points you should take into consideration while thinking about ‘Peer-based Learning’ (such as necessity to guidance, inspiration, interaction, sharing with each other).

The map could be hanged on the wall for constant inspiration of instructional designer’s team, used during ID workshops or be a source of insights during brainstorming sessions – to mention only a few of its uses.

There are 2 other LBC Maps ready. These are:

  1. Workshop Planetary System.
  2. eLearning Course Planetary Systems.

The purpose of all of these maps is the same – open eyes, and flex minds of Instructional Designers in their professional endeavors.

Other Learning Battle Cards Tools

The portfolio of Learning Battle Cards tools also covers:

  • Deck of 108 Learning Battle Cards showing the whole breadth of learning tools and methods.
  • LBC Canvas providing structured approach to instructional design (see the visual below).
  • LBC Development Kit building truly gamified instructional design experience based on LBC Canvas structure, magnetic while board and magnetic LBC tokens.

All of them are very useful and praised tools which helps Instructional Designers around the world to effectively use design, thinking techniques in the Instructional Design space.

You can find more information about all of these tools here.

LBC Maps are printed out in B1 format (707 mm x 1000 mm or 27,8 inches x 39,4 inches). They are available in Learning Battle Cards shop ( in 2 forms:

  • As sturdy visuals, laminated on both sides with hangers (each map sold separately with a deck of Learning Battle Cards).
  • Printed out on foil (no lamination), and sold as a package (all LBC Maps as one product sold with one deck of Learning Battle Cards).

Call To Action

Learning Battle Cards were developed on a basis of wisdom of the crowd – all of these parameters, tag clouds, and the deck itself were created by the crowd from the industry. Following this direction, we would like to invite you to become an author, or another LBC Map. If you are interested in joining the team of contributors – do let me know. I am sure that we will find ways of sharing your expertise with the broader audience from the industry in the shape of another LBC Map.