A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning [eBook]

A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning [eBook]
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Summary: Is microlearning the right choice for your team? This eBook dives into the microlearning essentials to help you design and deliver engaging microlearning experiences and apply ID principles today.

Are You Ready To Take The Microlearning Leap?

Microlearning isn't a magic cure-all for your online training ills. However, many organizations leverage this versatile L&D approach to fill gaps, refresh knowledge, and increase employee engagement. It gives you the opportunity to quickly address personal pain points and transform complex topics into easily digestible modules. If you've been considering microlearning for your L&D program, this guide has all the information you need to get started and bridge gaps on the spot.

eBook Release: A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning
eBook Release
A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning
You've heard the buzz and excitement in the learning industry about microlearning—but how do you put the principles and theories behind microlearning into action?

Why Bite-Sized Is Best For JIT Support

One of the most popular applications for microlearning is just-in-time support, as it allows learners to focus on specific tasks or challenges. For instance, they can't remember the next step in the process or need to develop related skills. They have the ability to access tutorials, video demos, and checklists to get the information they require, regardless of their location or personal preferences. This is particularly true if organizations offer a diverse range of mobile-friendly resources. Another thing to bear in mind is that true microlearning experiences simplify complex subjects. They generally feature a single topic, task, or core competency instead of trying to cover too much L&D ground.

About This Guide To Microlearning

This eBook covers all the essentials you need to know to develop a memorable microlearning approach. Here's a quick overview of what you'll find inside:

  • What Is Microlearning? - Core Characteristics
  • Examples Of Microlearning - Three Examples To Explore
  • Is Microlearning A Good Fit For Your Organization? - Checklist Of Factors To Consider
  • Delivering Microlearning - Some Important Questions To Address
  • Designing Good Microlearning Experiences - Key Considerations To Keep In Mind


While bite-sized may not be suitable for all subject matter, it can be a great addition to your existing curriculum. Download the eBook A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning to maximize your microlearning strategy and create meaningful L&D experiences for your remote workforce.