eBook Release: A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning

Free eBook: A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning
Summary: What makes for successful microlearning? In the eBook A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning, Ellen Burns-Johnson provides insights into this essential issue gleaned from experience working with varied companies and organizations.

Practical Microlearning Guidance For Learning Professionals: Interested In A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning? 

Maybe you’re a Training and Development professional, looking for a primer on microlearning. Perhaps you’re a content developer or Instructional Designer, looking for guidance on creating short, focused learning experiences. You might be a training manager or instructional strategist, pondering how microlearning could fit into your organization’s overall learning strategy. Whatever the case, the eBook A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning has been written for you.


In the world of Instructional Design, Ellen Burns-Johnson is an Instructional Designer at Allen Interactions, a leading custom learning content development services provider based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, focused on creating Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational learning events for its clients. Ellen has designed eLearning interactions and written content for dozens of projects and clients, including the instructional topics of: Solution selling, software simulation, product sales, compliance training, customer service, and legal consulting skills. Her professional interests include gamification, blended learning, interface design, and social media.

In her new eBook, A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning, Ellen provides a summary of recommendations she makes to clients at Allen Interactions and microlearning practices they have implemented with client organizations.

About The Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning eBook

In the spirit of making “short and sweet” learning content, this eBook is organized into short sections, each independent of one another. You can read the sections in order, or read them out of sequence, or only read some sections. Each provides a foundation of knowledge in the following topics:

  • Is microlearning a good fit for your organization? 
  • Delivering microlearning. 
  • Planning a curriculum with microlearning. 
  • Designing good microlearning experiences.

The rest of this introduction the eBook discusses the definition of microlearning and explores what we know about its effectiveness.

If you are interested in a key insight into microlearning, check the eBook A Bite-Sized Guide To Microlearning: In there, you will find why this brilliant learning strategy, known for quickly closing knowledge gaps, is the ideal instructional approach for training professionals who are eager to create focused learning experiences.