11 Microlearning eBooks: The Ultimate List

8 Free Microlearning eBooks: The Ultimate List
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Summary: This article lists 8 Microlearning eBooks, containing insight from the industry’s top experts. Ideas, strategies, and methods are gathered here to help you keep track of the innovations of this competitive market.

The Ultimate List Of Microlearning eBooks To Download

Though everyone gets the idea behind Microlearning, there are still a lot of things to figure out, before you start designing your eLearning courses using this approach. These are all ground breaking developments, so this means you should definitely move around with the help of some experts in the field. In this article, you can find a list of the latest Microlearning eBooks you can download and read. All Mobile Learning eBooks are accompanied by a brief description about the eBook content to help you pick up the ones that better match your interests. However fresh they may be, these chunks of knowledge are already packed and organized. This wealth of knowledge is sure to shed the light you need to learn how to create bite-size eLearning content.

Microlearning is more than a trend. This list will constantly be updated with new Mobile Learning eBooks, so keep it as a reference, and download the ones that better match your interests. Enjoy your reading!

1. Microlearning: Powerful Training Tool For Onboarding by AllenComm

Microlearning is known for delivering information to online learners through many short online training courses or modules. This gives online learners the flexibility to take the online training when they have time and where they feel a particular need. Microlearning in onboarding gives new hires the information they need without overwhelm. Discover how to use microlearning to strengthen your onboarding process. It is the way to be sure they will embrace the corporate culture of your organization and reach their potential the sooner possible.

2. Just One Thing – Microlearning, A Practitioner's Guide by Raptivity

When there is a rising demand, one must provide accordingly, in order to stay in the market. Microlearning is on tip of the tongues of many online learners and eLearning professionals, thanks to its short and to-the-point design. In other words, it’s aligned with the times we live in. So, to get all this insight, in the form of tips, and answers to challenges, here is a helping hand that most eLearning practitioners will appreciate. Added to these, you can read interesting approaches on creating a microlearning lesson, and future prospects, to connect you and your microlearning courses to the just-in-time learning movement.

3. 12 Examples That Prove Mobile Learning And Microlearning Is An Essential Combination To Meet Your Learning Mandate by EI Design

This eBook, is designed as a guide for organizations to enhance their existing strategy by understanding Mobile Learning and Microlearning and using their combination in online trainings. What you get here are examples and answers to specific questions. Of course, EI Design also puts in an introduction, so that you fully comprehend what Mobile Learning and Microlearning are, and what they can do for you, especially when combined. All the reasons to beneficially design your corporate training accordingly, are layed out for you in this eBook.

4. Bite-Size Revolution With Microlearning - Small Chunks, Big Returns by G-Cube

Learning with small chunks of information has always been around and technology plays a major role in efficient content delivery. Today, organizations look for knowledge-based solutions that facilitate microlearning, allowing learners to access information and answers to their questions - when and where they need it most. The secret is in the method, and here you 'll find it together with latest technologies, dos and don’ts, plus a comprehensive presentation of its benefits.

5. Next Generation Learning Delivery – Using Engagement Automation & Triggers For Personalized Learning by GamEffective

Personalizing learning at scale can be difficult. Luckily, recent advancement in learning technology allows automating much of this process, driving learners to engage with the right learning, the right way and at exactly the right time. Drawing from the world of marketing automation, where marketing messages and activities are automatically triggered based on deep segmentation of audiences, learning engagement automation helps making real adaptive learning achievable without going into massive administrative, implementation and content development investments.

6. The Complete Guide To Microlearning And Learning Reinforcement by BizLibrary

70% of what employees learn in formal training programs is forgotten one day after the training is completed. Don't let your employee training investment and hard work go to waste! Read all about the forgetting curve, an in-depth look at how the human brain processes and stores information, two of the most common learning myths debunked, and six steps to improve learning retention. This eBook is packed with scientific proof, and will lead you to solidifying your trust to Microlearning.

7. Microlearning: How Can You Create Macro Impact With Micro Nuggets by EI Design

Gain insights on what Microlearning is and why this approach should be a significant part of your learning strategy. See how you can incorporate it in your training to offset challenges of dwindling attention spans and distractions, plus see a positive impact on your ROI. Through several examples, see how you can use the Microlearning approach for your varied corporate training needs including formal training, as well as for performance support (just-in-time learning aids).

8. Why You Should Adopt Microlearning Based Training by EI Design

Get insights on how you can use the “less is more” approach to train your workforce and create effective sticky learning that can convert a forgetting curve into a retention curve. This will happen by reading ten benefits of Microlearning based training, plus five killer examples on how to use it effectively. A great way of discovering how Microlearning is a perfect fit for informal learning and bite-sized formal learning, instantly increasing completion rates.

9. Microlearning: A Beginner’s Guide To Powerful Corporate Training by CommLab India

Want to offer short learning bites that employees can access at the point of need, in the field, or at the customer's office? Explore how Microlearning - the latest training paradigm - will empower you to do all this and more. This eBook is a journey through what is Microlearning, where and why it works, what are Microlearning assets, and where can they be used, plus some success stories from around the world.

10. Microlearning Techniques: Driving Results By Empowering Learners by AllenComm

Although the concept of breaking up training into smaller pieces has been around for some time, microlearning has become increasingly relevant as technology changes the way we learn and work. This ebook will help you understand how modern microlearning works, whether it’s right for you, ways it can be incorporated throughout the learning lifecycle, and examples of how other companies have used microlearning. All these prove that it’s a perfect fit for today’s organizational training challenges.

11. 7 Steps To Subscription Learning by GamEffective

Approaching learners as "subscribers" improves knowledge retention for employees and managers. Subscription learning uses spaced learning, spaced repetition and micro learning to create a powerful eLearning tool. Here you will read a description of the learning challenge as it is formed by the latest developments. Learn how to divide your time, then divide your content into nuggets, even re-serve and repeat for re-engaging your audience. Lastly, let gamification into the game, and increase information retention.

With this list of Microlearning eBooks on-hand, you can tap into the insight, advice, experience and expertise offered by top eLearning experts. Learn all the latest about the famous bite-size revolution, by acquiring all this "must-read" knowledge from the area of Microlearning. This is an opportunity you shouldn't miss. Best of all, you can download them quickly and conveniently.