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Microlearning Techniques: Driving Results By Empowering Learners


Microlearning Techniques: Driving Results By Empowering Learners

by AllenComm / Published: May 18 2017

What it's about

Although the concept of breaking up training into smaller pieces has been around for some time, microlearning has become increasingly relevant as technology changes the way we learn and work. This ebook will help you understand how modern microlearning works, whether it’s right for you, ways it can be incorporated throughout the learning lifecycle, and examples of how other companies have used microlearning.

Key chapters

  • Introduction

  • What Is Microlearning?

    A look at three critical components that define microlearning.
  • Is Microlearning Right For You?

    Five signs that can help companies gauge if a microlearning strategy should be explored.
  • Microlearning In The Learning Lifecycle

    An overview of the various ways microlearning can be situated throughout the learning lifecycle.
  • Microlearning In Readiness

    We discuss how microlearning can be used in the readiness stage to engage learners before training.
  • Microlearning In Discovery

    A look at how short, focused content during the discovery lifecycle stage can aid learners in better understanding complex topics.
  • Microlearning In Reinforcement

    Using microlearning during the reinforcement lifecycle stage to offer learners a personalized and effective training course.
  • Developing A Microlearning Strategy

    Four steps to guide the development of a microlearning strategy.
  • References

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