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Smart L&D Staffing For Learning And Development


Smart L&D Staffing For Learning And Development

by AllenComm / Published: Sep 12 2023

What it's about

The global response to the COVID-19 epidemic created a need for organizations of all sizes to adapt how they do business. Today, remote work solutions in digital environments are at an all-time high, opening the door for new project workflows and staff integration. These new work models have also impacted how businesses connect with customers. Growing your market share in this evolving environment requires you to adapt quickly to market trends while creating deliverables that meet your business needs. To accomplish this, many organizations must add new skillsets–competencies, as well as capabilities–to their teams to create more competitive offerings through smart staffing for Learning and Development.

Key chapters

  • What Is Smart Staffing?

  • The 3 Questions And 9 Reasons Of Smart Staffing

  • Unlock The Ability To Staff All Roles, Or Just One

  • Staffing In Phases

  • A Strong Investment When It's Time To Scale

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