The Future of Work: The Role of Instructional Design In Converting VILT To eLearning In 2021

by Allen Communication Learning Services © 2021

This eBook includes information to make the transition to a new, hybrid workplace that includes both in-person and remote work. Discover how converting VILT to eLearning through effective Instructional Design can revolutionize your L&D initiatives!

Key Chapters

  1. Beyond VILT: Your Organization’s Brand Must Include eLearning Culture Designed For The New Virtual Environment

    Hosting virtual live events isn't enough, you also need to cultivate a supporting eLearning culture for your remote work teams.

  2. Learning Challenges Created by Technology Solved with Instructional Design Methods

    Discover how the right tech and proven ID methods can help you overcome your current L&D challenges.

  3. How to use Instructional Design Best Practices in New Hire Training

    Learn how to use ID strategies to launch a successful employee onboarding program.

  4. Improve Performance With Training and Development Content

    This chapter shows you how to boost employee performance and foster individual growth for your telecommuting teams.

  5. Mental Health and the VILT Remote Workplace

    A holistic L&D plan takes every aspect of employee development into consideration, including their mental wellbeing.

  6. What Is The Most Engaging Way to Train A Virtual Workforce?

    Find out how a hybrid model can help you train your remote workforce and engage them on a personal level.

Over the last year, the pandemic and the rapid move to a virtual workplace environment changed everything. While there is no expectation that the move to a more digital work environment will change, we need to carefully reconsider all the rapid decisions that were made in times of crisis.

As more organizations make the switch to online training, more challenges are bound to arise. This guide outlines tried and tested Instructional Design methods to take your online training program to new heights and support your remote work teams.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.