Bite-Size Revolution With Microlearning - Small Chunks, Big Returns

by G-Cube

Learning with small chunks of information has always been around and technology plays a major role in efficient content delivery. Today, organizations look for knowledge-based solutions that facilitate microlearning, allowing learners to access information and answers to their questions -  when and where they need it most.

Key Chapters

  1. What is Microlearning?

    Exploring ample benefits of microlearning for to cater to the diverse needs of different learners.

  2. Benefits of Microlearning for Organizations

    Understanding how bite-sized information helps learners to reap maximum business benefits.

  3. Audiences that Appreciate Microlearning

    Exploring the type of audiences who are interested in accessing short and concise content.

  4. Types of Microlearning

    Different forms of microlearning that are applied to workplace training.

  5. Latest Technologies Used in Microlearning

    Role of technology for efficient delivery of microlearning.

  6. What are the Dos and Don’ts of Microlearning

    Rules to be followed to ensure learners get the most significant content out of the whole curriculum.

When learning time is short and the need is evident, that’s where Microlearning works its magic!

No doubt that the less you have to learn the easier it will be and in less time. Then why call Microlearning revolutionary? The secret is in the method and in this eBook you will learn everything behind the slogan “Small Chunks, Big Returns”, from types, latest technologies, dos and don’ts and of course what kind of audiences prefer it, plus a comprehensive presentation of its benefits.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of the eLearning Industry's Network