Microlearning: Powerful Training Tool For Onboarding

by AllenComm

Microlearning is known for delivering information to learners through many short courses or modules. This gives learners the flexibility to take the training when they have time and where they feel a particular need. Microlearning in onboarding gives new hires the information they need without overwhelm. Discover how to use microlearning to strengthen your onboarding process.

Key Chapters

  1. What is Microlearning?

    Defining how this tool is used in training and development

  2. What Do You Need to Know to Get Started?

    - Who are your learners
    - What content is best
    - What about technology

  3. What is Onboarding?

    Definition and different applications of onboarding

  4. Using Microlearning to Strengthen Your Onboarding

    - New hire training
    - Compliance training
    - Brand training
    - Systems training
    - New role training

  5. The AllenComm Approach

    What AllenComm can do to elevate performance

Research has found that an excellent onboarding experience can cause employees to stay on with a company for at least three years, a dramatic improvement.

One can imagine how many things new hires have to do, in their first days at the office. To give your newcomers onboarding training is vital, and has a crucial effect to their stance towards your company. One thing you have to keep in mind, is that this training must only take little of their time. Microlearning, with its short courses and modules, is just what you and they need. Offer them online onboarding training, that they can take anytime, anywhere, and be sure they will embrace the corporate culture of your organization and reach their potential the sooner possible.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network