Celebrate Pride Month With Us: Embracing Inclusivity And Diversity In The Workspace

Celebrate Pride Month With Us: Embracing Inclusivity And Diversity In The Workspace
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Summary: Celebrate Pride Month with us by embracing diversity in your business. In this article, you will discover the benefits of inclusion training.

Pride Month: What Are The Benefits Of LGBT+ Diversity And Inclusion Training?

eLearning Industry is celebrating yet another Pride Month, staying true to its values of embracing individuality. This time, as we wrap up the month, we touch on the subject of diversity and inclusion training and how important it is within an organization. But before we get into the main subject of this article—which is LGBT+ diversity and inclusion training—we want to take a moment to address the terminology. Although many different initialisms are used to refer to the community, such as LGBT, LGBT+, LGBTQ, LGBTQIA+, in this article we use LGBT+, as we feel it is the most recognizable. In addition, the + symbol connotes the inclusion of the members of the community not represented in the individual initials.

What Is Diversity And Inclusion Training?

Let’s start from the beginning by answering what a diversity training program is. Although we can’t give a strict definition, any workshop designed to facilitate intergroup collaboration, eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and teach people how to effectively overcome differences and work with others is diversity training. Don’t underestimate its importance in the workplace, as a large percentage of employees belong in the community and struggle with a negative attitude that keeps them on edge at all times. Diversity and inclusion training can look different for each subject, but for LGBT+ training it would definitely have to include understanding pronouns, respecting gender identity, handling a coming out situation, etc.

Now, let’s see what benefits you can expect to experience when learning to be inclusive and accept diversity.

4 Ways Embracing Diversity Can Transform Your Business

1. Creates A Safe Work Environment

The number one benefit of inclusion training is undoubtedly the feeling of safety your LGBT+ employees should have. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their workplace, either from insensitive comments, unjust treatment, or even safe to use the restroom. Indeed, most of the challenges LGBT+ people face, some people have never even considered, and that’s what makes inclusion training all the more necessary. Showing your employees that you care about their safety and have a zero-tolerance culture towards bullying or harassment will make them feel more confident and at ease.

2. Builds Strong Relationships Among Coworkers

Often, phenomena of division stem from ignorance. Helping everyone else understand what it’s like to be a person in the LGBT+ community and what their identity means can make a great difference in intraorganizational relationships. At the same time, when LGBT+ people feel understood and safe in their work environment, they are no longer afraid to share details from their personal lives. As a result, they start building stronger relationships and bonding with their coworkers.

3. Attracts And Retains Talent

Something that you need to keep in mind is that LGBT+ candidates will research your company before applying. The presence of other LGBT+ employees and the implementation of favorable policies will set you apart as a welcoming workplace. In addition, taking measures to promote inclusivity shows your current employees in the community that you appreciate and value them, and that you are willing to create a work environment that promotes equal treatment of everyone. This can positively impact their job performance, satisfaction, and engagement levels. Therefore, inclusion training is a great way to attract and retain talent.

4. Eliminates Stress Factors

Between discrimination instances in the news, on the streets, or in their personal lives, the last thing organizations should do is give LGBT+ team members added stress. Additionally, employees are generally called to deal with many other stressful situations, such as personal problems, financial struggles, and health concerns. Implementing diversity and inclusion training helps your employees build a communication code among themselves. Thus, no one has to deal with insensitive remarks or the anxiety of not knowing how to speak to an LGBT+ coworker.

Take Your Company To The Top With Diversity Training

Having talked about all these benefits, it’s easy to see how diversity and inclusion training can boost productivity in your organization. When LGBT+ employees are heard and valued, they are motivated to remain in your business and give their best selves. Simultaneously, you help all your employees strengthen their relationships and therefore collaborate more effectively. As this Pride Month comes to a close, remember that you should value and celebrate diversity in the workplace every day and get to work on your own diversity training program.