4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Project Management System

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Project Management System
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Summary: It’s quite common to make mistakes when you are choosing a Project Management System. Read on to learn about those common mistakes, and how you can easily avoid them without putting too much of an effort.

What To Avoid When Choosing A Project Management System

So, you are planning to bring a Project Management System on board. Before you proceed and make this investment, it is important to understand a few basics. This article is going to shed light on some basic mistakes people make, more often than not, when choosing a Project Management system.

Knowing these mistakes will help you make the right decision. Without beating around the bush, let us have a look at those mistakes one by one:

1. Blindly Following The Trend

We must buy a tool that offers the pay-per-user feature. But, why? Simply because everyone is doing it. This is the trend.

Such scenarios are pretty common in every organization. Following the trend is fine, as long it fits within your working style. Now, if you are a growing team, and the number of users is going to grow continuously, investing in a pay-per-user plan cannot be considered a smart idea. Similarly, if you have an already established team and know you are not going to see any new members being added anytime soon, paying more for a tool with unlimited users is a bad idea.

Go with what your business needs are, and do not just follow the trend blindfolded.

2. Ignoring The User Interface

A highly important factor to consider when choosing a Project Management System is its User Interface.

An intuitive interface makes the tool easy to adapt, and the team can get used to it without facing too many problems. You cannot ignore this simply because, in the end, adaptability and the User Interface are going to play the key roles in the adoption of the tool. It does not matter how powerful the features are in the tool, as long as it is not easy to adapt and people are not going to use it.

So, keep the User Interface and the navigation right on top of the list of factors to consider when selecting a Project Management System.

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3. Not Testing The Tool

Selecting a tool without testing it is like going on a blind date. You never know what to expect.

Remember, every tool out there is going to boast off for having powerful features. But how many of those powerful features are of your team’s use? There is no point in having a feature-rich tool, without those features fitting in your team’s working needs. This is where selecting a tool that offers a free trial comes as an added advantage.

You can test the tool before actually taking it for a spin, and see how it fits within your team’s needs!

4. Add-Ons And Updates

Scalability is the number one problem faced by teams when it comes to Project Management Systems.

Remember, everything is going to evolve with time. You need a tool that evolves accordingly. For instance, a tool like ProofHub which keeps getting upgrades and is updated with new features every now and then can be a blessing in disguise—and without having to incur any additional cost.

There are plenty of tools, which require you to pay more for every add-on or update—so, be smart with your choices and get all these points cleared beforehand.

In the end, all we have to say is be wise enough to do all your research before settling down to one tool. There are virtually endless options available in the market. Every tool available is good and effective in its place. It is up to you to decide what your key working areas are, where you see the tool fitting in your work culture, and how you can make the most out of it.

Once you have a clear vision about all this, you can eventually find the best Project Management System for your team that will not only increase their efficiency but will also bring the best out of them as well.

So, are you ready for it?