6 Ways To Stress The Importance Of Safety In The Workplace With A Compliance Training LMS

6 Ways To Stress The Importance Of Safety In The Workplace With A Compliance Training LMS
Summary: For many employees, compliance training seems like a pointless annoyance. How can LMS help your staff see their compliance training as something of value?

Compliance Training LMS: Emphasize On The Importance Of Safety In The Workplace

Kids go to school because they’re told to and because they’ll get in trouble if they don’t. Given a choice, most of them would sleep all day, or surf the web. Adults are the same way about compliance training. So, if you want them to actually learn anything, you need to convince them of its practical value. You must make them see how the compliance issues tie into their job duties. How can you do this via an LMS? Here are some creative ways to stress the importance of safety in the workplace using a new compliance training LMS.

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1. Explanations In Plain Language

Compliance regulations are often written in what seems like gibberish. They’re worded that way to seal as many potential loopholes as possible. But the result is confusion and apathy among employee training participants. For example, ‘Occlude all work-place usage of substances that may or may not be associated with or derived from certain byproducts.’ They have to memorize that statement. Then, in compliance with that regulation, their favorite mug is taken away. This will only make them resentful, and they’ll resist training even more. If you do need to include technical jargon, offer your employees a quick way to look it up. Or break it down for them using infographics so that they’re able to absorb the information.

2. Exposure To Risk Via Simulation

The above scenario is often the traditional training approach. With an LMS, you can explain this rule is driven by pollution, environmental concerns, and workplace safety. Then demonstrate with an entertaining animated video of what happens when a said mug explodes in the microwave. Far more effective. Now offer a simulation where, based on that lesson, their virtual self can walk through the office. They’ll identify similar risks and suggest ways to solve them. They can use other work-place abilities. Simulations give them the opportunity to see how compliance issues apply in the real world instead of just touching on the theories.

3. Protocol-Based Branching Scenarios

Branching scenarios don’t have to be fancy or exciting. It can literally be a block of written instructions expressed in a sentence or two. Each selection has an immediate consequence, and every decision changes the course of your training story. This helps employee training participants receive instant feedback and recognize the direct consequences of their choices. Build your scenario around ‘empty protocol’. This will help them see the real-world results of ignoring the stated policy. After each session, have a debrief where they can see the response to each selection. Then they’ll recognize why they should have chosen differently.

4. Contextual Real-World Games

Branching scenarios are still somewhat theoretical. They’re likely to result in a lost file or a crashed hard drive. They don’t have the scope to dig deeper. Videogames do though. You can design a complex office-scape with quests and challenges. This gives you way more room to teach lessons. For example, a branching scenario may have someone refusing to CC the boss on every email. Then when they spill coffee on their computer, they lose all their files, and can’t access the boss’ back-up copies. A compliance training LMS serious game can go beyond that to show how crashing that hard drive delayed salaries, cost clients, and eventually caused layoffs.

5. Case Studies To Show Past Consequences

This type of scenario is still theoretical and can seem far-fetched and unrealistic. These things do happen though. And while it’s a corporate reflex to hide these kinds of errors and drown them in spin, it’s not helpful. Outside the company, it’s necessary to play PR. But inside your organization, take every corporate mess as a teaching moment. After the crisis, draft a case study, making it as detailed and objective as possible. Get input from everyone involved, so you can give a more rounded picture. Offer this in the form of an immersive video summary, or audio recording backed by stats. Watching how things played out is more effective than threats.

6. Narratives Based On Relatable Analogies

Case studies are factual, but they’re still susceptible to bias. It’s easy to say ‘I’d never do anything that foolish.’ But if you hear a story you can connect with, it may reach you. Think of it as an adult fable, or a corporate fairy tale. For instance, a colleague may not think that complimenting your skirt can be perceived as sexual harassment. But what if he sees a video or comic strip in the compliance training software of someone ‘complimenting’ a woman? Or if he watches someone cat-calling an employee who looks uncomfortable? One popular YouTube demo films multiple men cat-calling an unknown female. Only for her to turn around, the woman is their mother. It was all staged, but it’s surprisingly effective. The corporate training LMS can let you create something similar.

If you want your staff to pay attention to compliance training and stress the importance of safety in the workplace, you have to show its relevance. The corporate training LMS can do this in a more personalized way than traditional training. You can simplify regulation into comprehensible language. Simulations can involve risk-exposure in a safe setting while branching scenarios can show the immediate results of neglecting corporate protocol. Serious games can teach real-world lessons relevant to your office space. You can also train through case studies and analogies presented as narratives. A compliance training LMS lets you personalize it down to the micro so that it’s more meaningful and memorable for your team.

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