Free eBook: Compliance Training For The Modern Workforce

Creating Compliance Training For The Modern Workforce

Checking why compliance training is important can only reassure you for what you already know: Your organization needs it as much as any other would. This eBook is full of related, up-to-date knowledge. This stretches from cost, content, and overall development to the evaluation of the training procedure. It even deals with the issues of a culture of learning within your company, and a gamified eLearning experience.

If making the news for facing enormous fines, as a result of non-compliant practices, is not what you have in mind, then add this eBook to your must-read list. Set steady foundations for the progress of your organization, by comprehending the insight found here.

eBook Release: Compliance Training For The Modern Workforce
eBook Release
Compliance Training For The Modern Workforce
Discover the impact compliance training can have on an organization, and how our compliance eLearning module can assist with the modern workforce.

About The eBook

The effect of compliance training in today’s workplaces is ever-growing. What is so great about this eBook is that it provides you with the interpretation of a series of signs that are present in your corporate life and will make it plain to see whether your compliance training needs update, enhancement, or a new, different approach. Learning Pool is always ready to propose solutions for compliance training, and Compliance Training For The Modern Workforce is another great proof for this. Let’s take a look at the key chapters:

  • Why Compliance Training Is So Important For The Modern Workplace
  • Does Your Compliance Training Need An Update?
  • Cost Considerations For Creating Your Training
  • Key Elements To Help You Develop An Engaging Programme
  • Best Topics To Select For Your Training Programme
  • Developing Your Compliance Training Course
  • Evaluate Your Online Compliance Offering
  • Culture Of Learning In Your Organisation
  • A Gamified eLearning Experience

To comprehend the importance of compliance, the problems that go with it, and the issue of making it accessible is like taking the first steps to achieving effective, modern compliance training. Situating the training right in the workflow is of great importance, as is knowing when updating needs to be done. Considerations on the cost of it are also valuable, varying from setting up a budget, opting for DIY solutions, and buying in eLearning resources to working with templates and setting goals for your compliance training.

The main body of Compliance Training For The Modern Workforce is full of inside advice for developing an engaging compliance training program. Learning Pool names as key elements the preparation to meet the demands of modern learners, the use of multimedia, gamification, scenarios, storytelling, personalization, and microlearning. Moving on to hot topics, there are summaries on GDPR/data protection, cyber security, health and safety, diversity in the workplace, sustainability, environmental, and financial issues. To wrap it up, there is a piece of advice on developing your compliance training course by being flexible and by offering access and motives.

What comes next is the stage of evaluating your course. Relevance and engagement are goals that must be met, but your learning objectives stand strong as well. You need to make sure that your training provides interoperability and offers accreditation. Also make room for reporting and tracking. Another related issue is how to nurture a culture of learning. A good way to begin with this one is from the top, the leaders within your organization.

Near the end you can find insight on how to create a gamified eLearning experience, starting from the basics of gamification, tying them up with compliance, and leading to the presentation of Learning Pool’s Adapt Builder – a tool that is guaranteed to provide you with all the elements needed for integrating gamification to your compliance training.

If you want to discover the importance of compliance training for the modern workforce, download this eBook today.

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