Corporate eLearning: Your Efficient Superlative To "Hire And Fire" !

6 Popular eLearning Methods + The Success Hack
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Summary: The dilemma of whether you should polish the gems you already have or trade them for what apparently glitters (but all that glitters isn’t gold, right?) is not new, but the remedy comparatively is—that’s corporate eLearning for you, up close!

Corporate eLearning: Everything You Need To Know

Sam has been running a pizzeria in the heart of Rome for 10 years now, and it owes all its popularity to the quality of food it has been serving and to happy visitors coming back with friends and family. However, over the years, a lot of ultra-modern, fancy restaurants that are offering the same stuff (plus some more! ) have overshadowed Sam’s joint, and evidently, the Gen Z and millennials don't mind spending a few extra bucks to flaunt the "vibe" over Instagram!

So, a few bucks discount doesn’t help, nor does a store makeover seem to be an option—courtesy of lately dropping revenue. Then, what do you think are the options left? Apparently "fire the existing chefs and hire new ones" is the only option! But then, what if their specialties become "common" in a couple of years too?

Well, there’s a Sam in all of us, stressed about what to do when the market demands change and our once carefully recruited human resource skills are no longer enough. Let’s face it, if there’s something constant in the business space, that’s "change," and among a whole lot of other aspects that it influences, client expectation is a prominent one.

When a handful of companies get the "change" onboard and offer a better product or service in terms of pricing or exceptional quality, then clients swarm in that direction. To magnet them back to your business, there’s just one trick: to evolve in a more innovative way. How? Simply by making your employees familiar with the new nitty-gritty, and eLearning makes sure it doesn’t seem to be an obligation, with the advanced ways of corporate eLearning (which are fun too!).

Quick hint: Revising the reasons for custom eLearning development will help as you read ahead!

6 Popular eLearning Methods + The Success Hack 

1. Web eLearning

As the name suggests, this is probably the most basic version of corporate eLearning, where the employees learn something new or level their skills up through website content. Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of it!

Pros of web eLearning:

  • The access is easy and convenient, as all that’s required to access a website is good connectivity.
  • Flexibility in terms of time comes next, as you can access your choice of website practically 24/7.
  • Chained to the desk for classes? No more, as learning from the web can be done from anywhere, given there’s an internet connection, whether it’s your comfy couch or in an Uber on your way back home.

Cons of web eLearning:

  • Complete dependency on websites for learning tends to miss out on the interest quotient due to its less engaging approach
  • Lack of personalization leaves doubts unattended (the clarification process is DIY because web learning isn’t a two-way process)

2. Virtual Classroom

A brick-and-mortar classroom shifted over the internet, that’s what a virtual classroom simply is. Among the other types of training methods, virtual classrooms happen to be the closest to our ever-familiar trainer-led approach. Ahead are the pros (since no apparent cons! ) for a quick understanding.

Pros of a virtual classroom:

  • This two-way corporate eLearning method enables better teacher-learner engagement, thus leaving less room for assumptions and promoting factual learning.
  • Virtual classrooms make it easier to share a slice of your mind with others learning the same thing, as it doubles as a thought hub where everyone gets the chance to share their ideas and takeaways.
  • How a company uses its money is a big deal, and when it comes to training employees, virtual classrooms save quite a few bucks with zero physical requirements for the setup.

3. Social Media eLearning

While "social media" and "eLearning" have a fairly great buzz around each (especially with the recent quarantine period increasing their popularity by several notches), their collaborative goodness is still a hidden gem. Think of popping lessons where your employees are (read, online), instead of forcing them to another site, further draining their motivation. That’s social media eLearning for you!

Coming to the pros...

Pros of social media eLearning:

  • Makes learning entertaining
  • Gives you a chance to socialize with your colleagues while remote working, enhancing teamwork and collaboration skills

4. Microlearning

Microlearning prioritizes convenience over speed for training and breaks monstrous course content into small nuggets of information. Such modules typically run for a short period, ideally around 10 minutes and address one concern at a time. So, how does that help? Here’s how:

Pros of microlearning

  • Precise learning opportunities enable easy understanding
  • Learning in micro chunks helps in improved lesson retention (Did you hear a shorter forgetfulness curve too?)

5. eLearning Through Games

Even though games and learning are traditionally looked at as absolute antonyms, corporate eLearning proves it wrong by combining the best of both to serve the purpose of learning without letting monotony set in during the process. The gamification feature allows the learner to slip into the shoes of the protagonist of the plot, and the achievements are reflected in the form of rewards, leaderboard rankings, and levels for added fun! Let’s glance through the benefits!

Pros of gamification:

  • Fun, interactive, engaging: gamification methods ride on top of all three
  • This type of training method enables the learner to face real-life scenarios as a part of the game and polish skills to overcome hurdles in the organizational place later.

6. The Success Hack: The Best Of All The Above In One

What’s better than choosing one of the above types of eLearning? Choosing them all!

Yes, opting for custom eLearning solutions gives you the freedom to choose a combination of any of the above or even all to varying extents to make the training process the most effective (as long as you cautiously avoid grave mistakes when developing your custom LMS).

The result? Your employees can learn different things in different ways and never have a dull moment at any point. I hear effectivity and efficiency, don’t you?

Waiting Further Might Imply Giving Competitive Advantage A Pass

Time and tide wait for no one, and it seems like technology has joined that squad too!

With the biggies in the business taking no time to get tailor-made eLearning solutions onboard, postponing the plan to develop yours may be synonymous with regret later. So, buckle up, list the aspects where your employees need to level-up skill-wise, or in terms of process optimization, and reach out to a team with proven expertise in this field for execution. Trust me, it’s simpler than you think...Got a question?