Corporate Vs. Educational eLearning: What’s The Big Difference?

Corporate Vs. Educational eLearning: What’s The Big Difference?
Summary: Compared to eLearning in the corporate sector, the education sector concentrates mainly on knowledge transfer instead of training. But there is something more about eLearning you need to understand; the differences and convergences between eLearning in the corporate and the education sector.

Discussing Corporate Vs. Educational eLearning In Detail

eLearning has revolutionized the education sector. It makes learning easier for students. Students can now learn from any place at any time. You can utilize your mobile or laptop for virtual learning provided you have a fast and stable internet connection. Time and place are not at all barriers to learning nowadays. You can learn from the comfort of your home or any other place where you are spending your vacation. But there is something more about eLearning; you need to understand the differences and convergences between eLearning in the corporate sector and the education sector.

What Takes Place In The Corporate Sector?

The main objective of corporate learning is to make sure that each and every employee has the requisite knowledge and expertise to handle any specific operation that will allow an organization to carry on its operations. Basically, corporate training is focused on the transfer of knowledge. Workshops and conferences are an essential part of the training process even if it is expensive for the business. eLearning makes the training process cost-effective and productive. People concerned with sales can be trained in new sales strategies and products online. You can deliver training within a short span of time with the help of eLearning. This becomes helpful when employees are scattered all around the world. An organization should learn not only performance appraisal for employees but also why they need to be transparent with your employees. Corporate education encourages learners to participate in the generation of new knowledge that helps an organization to expand and evolve faster.

The Main Features Of Corporate Learning


Corporate learning is generally fast-paced. Time is equal to money in the corporate world. If you move slowly, you will end up losing money in the corporate sector. Training has to be delivered as quickly as possible with productive outcomes.


Corporate learning helps its employees to master a new set of skills, and this helps them in advancing the prospects of their career within the company. The management systems of corporate learning consist of additional modules that facilitate the process.

Benefits The Organization

Corporate learning mainly concentrates on issues that are pragmatic, which translates into instant benefits for an organization rather than narrow, individual benefit. You need training at any cost for an organization to function smoothly and for corporate education to advance and develop.

Training Vs. Education

Corporate organizations focus on training and education is all about learning due to curiosity. Training prepares you for something new and helps you to learn different skills and also exercise them until you reach the requisite standards. This has positive implications for the workplace. You can even avail loans for supporting eLearning for your organization from loanable banks.

Return On Investment

A corporate entity has to periodically calculate the ROI of its investments and learning too comes under it. It is difficult to calculate the ROI when the context is educational. You can gauge the effects of learning only after a few years.

What Takes Place In Educational Institutions?

Compared to eLearning in the corporate sector, the education sector concentrates mainly on knowledge transfer instead of training. In education, the learning is focused on subjects that have a global scope. On the other hand, corporate eLearning is oriented on business needs like inducting new recruits. Education, as a word, implies gaining theoretical knowledge that is general in nature; you don’t need to learn any specific set of skills, tasks or practical work. It is important to note the overlap; sometimes, the word 'education' can also mean a training process or tuition. For example, fundamental training in a field like health services can be an amalgamation of educational, theoretical, and practical learning skills.


There are certain convergences in both sectors. Both sectors have a lot to learn from each other. In other words, professionals of corporate eLearning have a lot to learn from the initiatives of academic eLearning. Recently, there has been a convergence in the needs of these two sectors. For example, the academic sector has started to implement corporate methods in the classroom while teaching certain topics. When we look at the corporate sector, we can see how they are utilizing modern technologies in a way that they support the traditional classroom teaching of the academic sector, especially when it comes to blending technologies.

Thus, we can identify a clear overlap. For example, corporate mobile learning is getting popular day by day with learners who possess one if not multiple mobile devices, and also carry them to school or workplace. Learners get access to social media networks and the internet through these mobile devices, and they also get access to all the technologies required for gathering information, communicating with people, and creating content. Naturally, this creates an environment that is helpful for learning. Now, both sectors need to answer two common questions, "How can someone utilize the technologies of learning?" and "How can teaching methodologies and theories be applied to provide content through mobile devices?". Knowledge needs to be shared to any possible extent. Several users have funded their education with financial help from online lenders.

To sum up, the article focuses on the two sectors of eLearning: corporate and educational. eLearning has become very popular these days with different organizations using it for their benefits. It has transformed the horizon of learning using modern-day innovative techniques. There are subtle differences between eLearning in the corporate sector and the education sector. The education sector focuses on learning subjects that are taught globally while the learning in the corporate sector is career and business oriented. However, we can also identify convergences in the two sectors when we see them incorporating each other’s technologies and ways of teaching. There is not much difference in the corporate and education sector when it comes to eLearning. Both aim to improve the quality and quantity of learning in different ways. They aim to reach out to more people and also to utilize the teaching methodologies to generate content through mobile devices as mobile learning keeps on getting popular among the learners. Whatever be the case, you cannot rate one sector over the other; there is no big difference between the two. Both aim to share knowledge across the globe irrespective of any time or place.