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Dr Greg Blackburn

Senior Business Manager
Senior Business Manager for imc AG advising a range of international corporate clients on complex multi-stakeholder cloud-based L&D engagements. I am an expert in eLearning, adult learning theory and what modern corporate training looks like. Plus, I am a researcher and writer and have published broadly.
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February 3, 2017

Attracting Students: What Do They Want?

The education market is becoming globally competitive. Do you know what tools/policies/materials will be instrumental in student recruitment? Attracting students means knowing what students are looking for in their next education provider: This may help us better meet these expectations and increase student enrolments.
January 25, 2017

Successful eLearning Implementation: Best Practices

Need eLearning? Have you asked how to implement it? As with corporates universities are (must) transitioning to eLearning environments, there are many obstacles to overcome. This is a ‘how we did it’ type of article on how to introduce eLearning and avoid traps that block successful eLearning implementation.