5 Benefits Of Coworking Spaces For Students In eLearning

5 Benefits Of Coworking Spaces For Students In eLearning
Summary: Just as shared work spaces offer many benefits for employees who work mostly from home, coworking space benefits students, especially those learning online, as well.

The Advantages Of Coworking Spaces For Students In eLearning

Coworking spaces are a growing industry throughout the United States. Shared workspaces are communal working environments where each person is involved in an independent activity. In these work locations, those using the space usually do not work for the same company but use the space to meet clients or work in an office setting. However, recent projects have uncovered the fact that communal office spaces can also be beneficial for students, especially those who work in an online setting. Following are 5 advantages of coworking spaces for students in eLearning.

1. Increased Productivity

One of the benefits of shared office space is the increased productivity that many students report. Although one of the benefits of online learning is the ability to work when it is most convenient, even in your pajamas in front of the television, some students report that they have trouble staying productive and focused. When studying at home, students may be distracted by other people in the house, chores that need to be done or simply have trouble staying on task.

This has led some online students to venture to coffee shops or libraries where they believe they will have fewer distractions, only to find that the noise, constant traffic and limits on wifi use make them even less productive. Coworking space statistics show that 68% of people who use shared spaces for work or study were better able to concentrate which meant they learned more working in a shared space than they did at home.

2. Able To Meet Deadlines Easier

Another interesting coworking space statistic is that 64% of people who use such spaces are better able to complete tasks on time. Much of this is due to the increased productivity found by working in an office space rather than a coffee shop or at home. For students who are facing a major project deadline or who need to complete an extensive research paper, shared space allows them to work without the distractions that occur in other telecommuting locations.

It is very easy to procrastinate when taking an online course. You do not need to get dressed and get to class on time. By arranging for a coworking space even one day each week, your brain sets aside that time for learning. You can focus on the term paper you need to complete, be well-managed, the reading assignment that must be done or research the team assignment that is due in a few weeks.

3. Easier Collaboration

Students who choose to work in a shared office space will also find it easier to collaborate with others. Communal office spaces often have conference rooms, some with video or teleconference capabilities, that make it easier to connect classroom teams who are working on a project together. One of the benefits of online classrooms is the ability to connect with students from all over the world, but this can also be negative when the class requires team projects as part of a grade. Although it is possible to use Skype or other video conferencing software at home, a conference room will have fewer distractions. There is no concern the dog will start barking or your neighbor will show up for a cup of coffee in the middle of your conference.

4. Social Connections

Shared workspaces also provide social interaction that a student may not get if they are taking online classes. In fact, 91% of people who use communal office spaces say that they have better interactions with others when they take advantage of such spaces while 60% say they are more relaxed at home. These benefits of shared office space may be because online courses can create a sense of isolation. Unlike a traditional classroom, online students are not able to talk to the student in the next desk, asking advice or assistance with a problem. Often, online students are home alone all day, with little or no human interaction.

Sending an email to an instructor or fellow student may answer a question, but the lack of human involvement can get frustrating. Even though others using the shared space may not be students as most communal work environments are used by telecommuting employees or entrepreneurs, the social interaction with people can be very beneficial.

5. Preparation For The Future

There are many coworking space statistics that indicate the traditional office setting is becoming obsolete and that shared space will be the office of the future. This means that online students who use shared space will already be prepared for the collaborative office space they may find themselves in when they enter the real job world. There are negatives to shared spaces and students who have used them during the college experience will already have a set of skills to work around those negatives, making them much more successful in their careers.

Final Word

Coworking space benefits are becoming well-known in the business world but the use of them by students is also growing in popularity. As more students choose to learn online, there will be more of a demand for these types of shared office space where students and business people can enjoy the benefits of sharing one space for multiple endeavors.