Death Of The LMS: A Step-By-Step Guide To Skills-First L&D [eBook Launch]

A Step-By-Step Guide To Skills-First L&D
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Summary: Should you invest in an LXP to transform your training strategy and bring skills-first L&D to your organization?

How To Develop A Skills-First L&D Strategy

The skills shortage is one of the biggest obstacles facing L&D managers today. How can you prepare your team for workplace challenges and equip them with the competencies they need to get the job done? A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) allows them to learn in the flow of work and easily access engaging training resources that bridge gaps on the spot.

eBook Release: Death Of The LMS: A Step-By-Step Guide To Skills-First L&D
eBook Release
Death Of The LMS: A Step-By-Step Guide To Skills-First L&D
Get to the bottom of what's driving disengagement with L&D and share a tested blueprint to make an impact.

Is It Time For A Learning Experience Platform?

Creating a cohesive learning ecosystem, connecting training to real-world performance, and the ability to measure skills development and business impact are just a few of the reasons why organizations invest in LXPs. Relevant and personalized learning experiences hinge on employees being able to see how the L&D initiatives tie into their roles and responsibilities. At the same time, your organization must be able to prove that your skills-first L&D strategy is achieving objectives and bringing in maximum ROI.

About This eBook

How do you make a strong business case for a Learning Experience Platform that supports skills-first L&D? What can you do to foster employee and business growth? Here's a sneak preview of what you'll find in this guide by HowNow:

  • The Current Skills Shortage: What do the statistics say about the biggest priorities this year?
  • Three Nails In The LMS Coffin: What are the pain points that prevent your learning from sticking?
  • Mind The Engagement Gap: Discover the biggest barrier to growth and how you can overcome it.
  • The Business Case For Change: How do you deliver a skills-first approach that creates an emotional connection?
  • Delivering A Skills-First Approach: Explore actionable skills-first learning use cases.

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