Sean Sarah Voice Over

You Deserve to Be Heard.

Sheila Wood Voice Over Production

Here you will find a voice that is clear, smooth and reassuring. With over 20 years experience in the business world, Sheila has a solid grasp of corporate communication.

Shelley Baldiga

Accessible and friendly. Knowledgeable and real. With more than 15 years experience, Shelley has voiced for top names including Coca-Cola, President Obama, Pottery Barn, Citibank and more. Shelley gets your message across... no matter the subject.

Shelley Stephen - Voice Talent

Shelley Stephen is a professional voice talent in SE Michigan. Her corporate, automotive past gives her a unique view that adds a spark of fun and professionalism. Her voice is professional, believable, warm, luxurious, authoritative, strong.

Simply Divine Communications

"Warm and friendly with an air of authority" are words that have been used to describe my voice. Clear, sincere, and professional are a few others. Audio books, e-learning, and faith-based projects are my specialty.

SoundMagix Studio

Recording, Video Editing, Dubbing, Commerical Adds, Documentary etc..

VO in spanish (european) & catalan. Commercials, industrial videos, e-learning, IVR, documentaries, etc. Own recording studio: DEMVOX 100 booth, Neumann TLM 103 microphone, Focusrite ISA ONE, Apogee Duet 2, DBX 166 XS and iMac + Pro Tools/Audition.

Spot On Voiceovers

Exceeding expectations for over 18 years, Lori uses her educational, corporate and communication background to bring your messages to life! Whether it's e-learning, narration or explainer videos, Lori is tops.

Stacey Turner

E-Learning, training and corporate narration expert specializing in reads that are friendly, real and intelligent. A former journalist, Stacey Turner is used to working under deadline pressure. Clients include UPS, Mayo Clinic, Hilton and Cisco.

Stephanie Matard Voice Over

What do I do? I turn your e-learning project into something engaging and interesting. I am a creative, caring, communicator, or otherwise known as a voice actress.

Steven Gonzales Voiceovers

If you need an eLearning, corporate, and industrial voice talent, I'm here for you. Let's talk to discover how I can assist you.

Stewart Cummings Voiceover

A voiceover professional for all of your e-learning, corporate narration, IVR and commercial needs!

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