Voiceovers By Cat

As a lifelong learner myself, I'm passionate about engaging listeners and helping them to absorb the lessons without distracting them from the content. I match my tone and delivery style to the content and audience with a light touch.


My goal is to deliver enjoyable e-learning material. That means I find an authentic delivery, which my listeners can relate to, so that I step into the background and the course material comes to the fore. Students get exactly what they need!


eLearning specialist with over 15 years as voiceover actor. Graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. and M.B.A.

Voices Direct

Voices Direct is an affiliation company with BlackBox Voice Productions with an expanding talent portfolio of voice artists based in Australia, NZ, UK, Canada and the USA.

voices from lsware

Lisa S. Ware - here to help bring your projects to life! Powerful, perceptive, & playful, her voice is a dichotomy of serious & fun. Paired with impeccable business and technical skills, you are assured of quality narration on time and in budget.

Voices From Scott

A smooth, deeper, natural voice that can hold a student while they learn. Professional studio and equipment, fast turn-around times and affordable rates.

Voices Unlimited

As a voice actor with 25 years professional experience, Ron specializes in over 200 celebrity impressions, from toys to corporate training. He's an especially warm and friendly person and it shows in his narrations.


Founded in 2005, Voices.com is the largest online marketplace for voice over products and services in the world. The platform is comprised of half a million producers, voice actors, and talent agents.


Jerrod is trusted to transform… words into a living, breathing project; a character description into a three-dimensional character that your audience can connect with. Your source for voiceover / voice acting you can trust!


Fee free casting to a team of professional voice actors. Work direct with experienced eLearning voice actors.


Professional Spanish voice over services. Neutral and Latin American Spanish voice over services

Voyzapp Voice Actor Marketplace

Voyzapp is a technology powered voice over marketplace that offers efficient, quick, reliable and cost effective voice recording services through professional voice artists.

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