Absorb LMS Pricing

Learn more about Absorb LMS's pricing options so you can make a business-wise decision on the best software to use.

Pricing Model
  • Free Trial
  • Subscription
  • Paid
Starting Price
  • $14,500 annually
Free Trial
  • Yes

Absorb offers pricing models and payment plans optimized to scale as your business continues to grow and evolve. For example, businesses with a consistent number of learners can opt for tiered hosted pricing that has enough wiggle room for unexpected growth while remaining predictable enough to budget for. Alternatively, organizations with a fluid external learner base can keep costs minimal with a 12-month per user licensing fee. Each new Absorb client is subject to a value-packed one-time setup fee – which includes a dedicated onboarding specialist, unparalleled 24/7 support, portal configuration and complete portal branding, unlimited storage and full administrator training. Further enhance your LMS with additional products, integrations or by expanding upon the services offered by our industry-leading in-house Client Success team. For pricing specifics, please contact us directly for a quote.