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Mindflash Overview

Mindflash is an award-winning cloud-based LMS solution with more than 18 years of experience. This worldwide known vendor has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Boasting 1,100+ customers, Mindflash has proven to be one of the top LMS solutions in the eLearning industry.

Modern businesses can handle any content, no matter the type, by utilizing such an online training platform. Cloud-based training solutions like this one can facilitate creating training courses within minutes, while, simultaneously, offering a robust learning experience for their users.

Mindflash doesn't lack innovation when it comes to what features its product offers. Change comes not only in the form of the content they provide but also in the whole user experience. Focusing on user experience is proof of how customer-oriented this eLearning solution is.

I want to note here that in 2016, Mindflash managed to get a place in the "Top 50 U.S. Small Companies to Work For" list. This highly notable achievement is a dream come true for many companies out there. What's most important, though, is that happy employees can radiate their satisfaction to the world. As a result, you get satisfied clients. The above is what makes a company a great success.

What Is Mindflash LMS?

Mindflash LMS is an easy-to-use online training platform. It has managed to resolve training challenges and deliver proven and secure solutions for large companies around the world. Such an LMS, mainly due to its mobility, can benefit companies that are looking for extended enterprise training.

If you are a fast-growing company, you can use this expertise to deliver training on any topic of interest. Whether you're looking for a place to host content you created or just a training program management tool, you can provide cloud-based training and reporting anytime. Mindflash's innovative online training software can prove to be ideal in both cases.

Take advantage of its business analytics and large-scale integrations to deliver the perfect training plan. You can utilize this LMS to create efficient employee training or even focus on customer training.

By always optimizing its cloud-based solution, Mindflash serves its customers' needs. This web platform makes training employees and sharing knowledge an easy deal. Such a scalable and robust training solution can help growing organizations design engaging training, non-stop.

Courses And Types Of Learning Scenarios

This cloud-based LMS is an eLearning tool that helps L&D teams carry out robust training and learning management. Apart from being a cloud-based LMS, Mindflash is a powerful course builder, as well.

Mindflash Course Builder allows HR and L&D managers to optimize their training material. It helps in creating courses based on each company's training needs. Its intuitive interface makes it an ideal learning method for training managers, employees, and customers. Being easy to use, creating eLearning courses won't be an issue even for beginners.

With its user-friendly environment, it manages to make the connection between key partners and customers easier for companies. One way it does that is by delivering the right information to the right person, helping all stakeholders do better business.

Mindflash allows you to tweak your courses indefinitely so that you get the most out of your training creations. It depends on your creativity and time to build a great set of classes for your selected training topics.

Whether you want to develop specific employee skills or redefine compliance training, Mindflash Course Builder offers flexibility. No matter if you are looking for onboarding or new employee training material, the possibilities are endless.

A cloud-based solution like this is excellent because it allows learners to learn at their own pace. Being on a cloud makes it accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Mindflash LMS is an agile eLearning solution that can benefit multiple industries. Companies from healthcare to manufacturing and from software to retail and beyond can utilize this online LMS. It is an intuitive online LMS that employees can use from anywhere. You’ll find its virtual classroom tools to be of great value. This makes it ideal if you’re looking for an extended enterprise solution. Some use cases are employee training, customer training, virtual training, onboarding, and compliance training.

Targeted Businesses

Most companies are looking to deliver efficient online training and management. To accomplish this, you need an eLearning software solution that is reliable. Developing employee skills, as well as achieving partner and contractor training, is not an easy task. Especially in businesses in the healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and tech industry sector. Here is where Mindflash LMS comes to save the day.

In businesses like the above, it is not easy to create robust training programs for all stakeholders. A mobile LMS like Mindflash can assist you in implementing corporate training across your workforce. Enterprises and corporations can take advantage of such an eLearning solution to deliver training across different channels.

If you are facing challenges like partner management, employee training, and employee onboarding, you can benefit from Mindflash LMS. By using training on-demand, you can elevate your customers' experience. You can use Mindflash's engaging multimedia courses to implement impactful channel partner development and contractor management.

For a company that needs measurable results with cost-effective training, Mindflash LMS might be the ideal eLearning solution. Online training software like this can help build and manage online training programs fast and easily. What's more, it is no secret that an online platform can reduce your training expenses. By opting for a cloud-based training solution, you get to drive revenue growth with good ROI.

Setup And System Configuration

Being a cloud-based LMS, Mindflash makes things easy when it comes to setting up your system. You won't need any IT help to start your LMS implementation. Since there is no requirement to download or maintain any software, you can do everything online.

Besides, by using programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and PDF, you can design an efficient production of courses. It is up to you if you need to use any video or audio tools to make your courses more engaging. You can also use free tools (e.g., Google Suite), even if you don't have a Microsoft Office Suite.

Furthermore, by offering free data storage, Mindflash is even more cost-effective. The above means that you can keep user data without charge. You take advantage of this to save data, like your training history for example.

You'll find that flipping back and forth between views can make the administration of this tool even more manageable, especially when you need to change between admin and trainee views.

License Model/Pricing

By now, I'm sure you'll want to know more about Mindflash's LMS Pricing. This online LMS's pricing starts at $3500.00 per year. Certain features are available depending on the level of your LMS membership. Make sure you choose the right plan for your training needs, especially if you need customization.

Interactive quiz sets will add a spark to your training courses. The ability to include videos and narration in your courses is what sets Mindflash apart from the competition. I advise you to request a live demo to see on your own how Mindflash makes learning easy and fun.

Mindflash is an ideal solution for large enterprises. Such enterprises can take advantage of subscription plans that include all the features. What's more, you can find a free version of Mindflash LMS. I encourage you to try the free trial that they offer so that you can see for yourself if it meets your business needs.


Mindflash LMS offers insight to training managers with its enterprise integration. By utilizing its robust APIs, you can create useful training management for your extended enterprise. You can benefit from its business analytics as well. This online LMS can help you monitor and track the impact of your online training plan. In this way, it makes it easier to track costs and revenue.

You get the chance to automate your training funnels. Mindflash offers integrations that allow you to connect your apps and achieve workflow automation. By supporting Adobe Captivate, along with Articulate Storyline and Articulate Rise, it helps create customized training content. Mindflash LMS offers a reasonable Salesforce integration. This capability is excellent if you want to deal with invitations and basic reporting through Salesforce.

Feature Highlights

With Mindflash LMS, you can accomplish efficient training management. The admin tools offer flexibility, making segmentation, automation, and integrations a breeze. You'll find white-labeling useful. Brand customization is vital when you need to deliver training experience across different channels. Mindflash LMS can help you accomplish this by offering customization for emails, trainee dashboards, and domains.

There is a good set of options when it comes to course support, as well as series and catalogs. You also have plenty of choices during filter building. Either be it adding filters for content or for viewing users.

You have the chance to optimize existing content. What's more, you can do this in any format. Either be it Word Docs, PDFs, Powerpoints or voice-overs, you can create robust training. Its features allow you to use video quizzes and assessments to your advantage. Its pre-built quiz templates can help create tests faster. This feature is a proven way to engage employees more.

By using Mindflash LMS, you can take content creation to the next level. Its breakthrough innovations, when it comes to enterprise integration and program management, are one of a kind. Modifying and copying content and course profiles is easy.

Undoubtedly, it is a great tool if you need to create engaging training, while at the same time offering useful business analytics. The reporting functionality has shown significant improvement in the last version. You can assess your trainers via efficient management. If you are looking for an LMS with reporting tools that can also assist in content creation, this is it.

Pros/Cons Of Mindflash LMS

Mindflash LMS is an ideal cloud-based solution for large and medium businesses. The main reason is that it can make your training process an easy deal. It is a value-for-money tool that will show the results of your expenditure regarding training. It will help you get measurable training results so that you can optimize your training programs.

Delivering compelling content to all stakeholders involved becomes easy with this online LMS. Depending on the training needs and varying schedules of each company, Mindflash can help your L&D overcome challenges. Even more, when it comes to delivering training to diverse locations. It allows you to build and deliver rich courses for your trainers.

The LMS from Mindflash allows access from different devices. Whether you're logging on from a portable device (laptop, tablet, or mobile device) or desktop, you can have an anytime, anywhere learning approach. This portability (and ease of access) can also encourage compliance training due to helping learners learn at their own pace.

Its ease of use is one of its best pros. You can start your LMS implementation right out of the "box." It is an intuitive online solution that can help you deliver training robustly. Either you want to upload PowerPoint slides or add some YouTube videos, you can manage the process fast and easily. Such a training program allows for proper test creation functionality. The new makeover and extra features are a charm.

You can easily upload a document. Employees can scroll through reading material by using arrows while scrolling. There is an option to add quizzes, which makes training even more engaging. When learners reach the last page of their training, they receive a certificate of completion. The above adds a lot to the game, giving them the incentive to keep on learning and evolving.

I liked the fact that you can save previous courses. This function helps in case you need to return to review information or even if you need to print the certificate of completion, giving you easy access. This online LMS solution is efficient. It assists training managers in verifying when employees complete their training.

Allowing you to send email updates is also useful. One thing I'd like to see would be the ability to break up long documents into sections when uploading them. It would really help scroll down hundreds of pages faster. You can leverage Mindflash's free data storage. Not only does it offer unlimited courses for free, but it also safeguards other user data for you.

Another great pro is the ability to provide a personalized dashboard to your trainees quickly. Using the interface regarding content and user management was simple. I loved the quiz options since you can utilize them to create engaging training. When it comes to employee training and customer training, this is undoubtedly a top online LMS solution.

If you want to create courses quickly and easily on a short learning curve, Mindflash is excellent. It's got a friendly UI, though the catalogs and series can be confusing to learners at first. You can grow your content library by utilizing an essential LMS like this. Learners and administrators can leverage solid online training with Mindflash.

A Training Needs Analysis will help you define exactly what you need from your LMS solution. When you have your objectives, you can ask the vendor if this is the ideal solution for your needs. If you need to create employee onboarding programs for a large number of employees, I suggest you request a demo from the vendor.

This online LMS has a reasonable price for the features it offers. I'd surely recommend it for basic training.

User Satisfaction

Mindflash is an excellent online training solution if you want to scale your business. Companies that need to build global supply chains, and grow by leveraging partners on different channels can opt for this cloud-based LMS.

It will come in handy in case you're looking to expand your customer support as well as your regional sales teams. If your channels span in geographic regions across the world, you can leverage the advantages of a cloud-based solution like this. You can manage this by keeping a diverse body within all business partners, internal, and external stakeholders.

Mindflash LMS provides secure, on-demand access to essential training materials. In this way, it ensures participants of the training programs know what they need to do. As a user, I've seen its ease of use and versatility. Surely, Mindflash is a powerful Learning Management System.

Getting a cloud-based LMS will help your L&D team by empowering your trainers with practical tools. These essential tools will help create efficient training program management, especially on a full scale. Mindflash is easy to use, especially when dealing with how to prepare and set up a course.

I have to note here that this solution is ideal for any company that needs remote training for a large number of employees. The above is one of the reasons I believe Mindflash is a top cloud-based LMS solution. It also works great when using a tablet.

If compliance training, sales, product knowledge, or customer service are essential to your business’s process, you can’t go wrong with this one. Your L&D team will not need much training on that. So, if you need to start your LMS implementation as soon as possible, Mindflash can help you accomplish that fast and easily.

Customer Support

Mindflash LMS is a vendor that provides unlimited customer support. Such an LMS allows you to manage training programs on a large scale. In case there is a time you might need help, they are ready to assist you. At the same time, they also offer you content support. Mindflash's support aims at helping you deliver simple and accessible web-based training.

Being a cloud-based LMS makes it easy to interact with them anytime, anywhere. Mindflash's support team is at your disposal, always taking into consideration customer feedback.

Benefitting From Mindflash 

Mindflash LMS is easy to use. Period. Regardless if you're tech-savvy or not, you can deliver great employee and customer training programs. This cloud-based LMS solution allows you to create the orientation you need. At the same time, it helps ensure your trainees are not "skipping" mandatory steps. Popping in interactive pieces certainly adds to the User Experience.

Mindflash can help you build a significant relationship between trainers and learners. The above can prove fruitful when having employees interacting with customers, mostly because of the readiness to assist when trouble arises. The above can increase customer satisfaction and retention. What's more, you can also benefit from exporting customer stats—a proven and useful way to get to know your customers better.

What's not to like about training programs that are intuitive? Being an intuitive system is precisely the concept that Mindflash LMS follows. Any user can train on this and get around to using it. Working your way through it is a painless process. With this LMS solution, you get basic features that are easy to use and handle without messing up.

This cloud-based LMS can enhance your course development. By utilizing its dynamic content creation, you can create excellent employee training, as well as customer training. Rich training delivery and insightful content creation become easy with Mindflash LMS. I suggest you request a live demo from Mindflash to discover all its capabilities by yourself.

Performance Overview
Overall Rating 87%
  • Usefulness
  • Usability
  • Customer Experience
  • Likelihood to Recommend

Apr 8, 2020

Outdated software that does the basics well although requires much manual effort to administer.

Overall Rating 63%
  • Usefulness
  • Usability
  • Customer Experience
  • Likelihood to Recommend
What do you like best? It is easy to get a course of any type (created within the system or uploading content packages) up and running. I would recommend this software in certain situations where simple delivery of courses via links is needed such as the back-end to an intranet.
What do you dislike? I disliked the way the way courses are organized; the course catalog does not allow for advanced arrangement of learning plans. From a learner's viewpoint, the UX is quite antiquated and difficult to see value in it. The reporting functionality is equally disappointing.
Reviewer photo

Chris C.

Industry : Financial Services | Company size : 201-500 | Level : Manager | Focus : Human Resources | Experience using the software : 6-12 months as User, Administrator

Aug 9, 2019

We have been using mindflash lms for quite some time now are we are pleased with our selection

Overall Rating 100%
  • Usefulness
  • Usability
  • Customer Experience
  • Likelihood to Recommend
What do you like best? I like the fact that mindflash is accessible on the cloud on both computer and mobile devices. It also accepts all file types that we use - PDF, PPT, DOC, etc.
What do you dislike? It is not very intuitive at first and takes quite some time to get used to it. Also, some functions are still very manual, including reporting.
Reviewer photo

Reviewer verified by LinkedIn

Industry : Civil Engineering | Company size : 501-1,000 | Level : Senior | Focus : Marketing | Experience using the software : 6-12 months as User

Jul 5, 2019

Great platform to transform learning within your organization

Overall Rating 100%
  • Usefulness
  • Usability
  • Customer Experience
  • Likelihood to Recommend
What do you like best? Ease of use and the use of entering training material in it. Quite handy to create new quizzes within their system. Customer service reps are very competent.
What do you dislike? The user interface is quite outdated, perhaps things changed as I haven't used it at all in the past couple of years.
Reviewer photo

Reviewer verified by LinkedIn

Industry : Media Production | Company size : 1,001-5,000 | Level : Consultant | Focus : Human Resources | Experience using the software : More than 1 year as User

May 29, 2019

With the end-user is always in mind = Mindflash LMS

Overall Rating 100%
  • Usefulness
  • Usability
  • Customer Experience
  • Likelihood to Recommend
What do you like best? It is extremely easy to upload videos, PDF and PowerPoint files. You can also rearrange content, add quizzes, surveys, and course/series requirements.
What do you dislike? Advanced Reporting requires improvements, as well as archived scoring, that need to be inducted to the system
Reviewer photo

Reviewer verified by LinkedIn

Industry : Capital Markets | Company size : 1,001-5,000 | Level : Partner | Focus : Quality Assurance | Experience using the software : 6-12 months as User

Feb 5, 2019

One of the best platforms I 've used in the past couple of years

Overall Rating 74%
  • Usefulness
  • Usability
  • Customer Experience
  • Likelihood to Recommend
What do you like best? Hatful of integrations, exquisite UI, and customer-centric approach from support. LMS/LEP/LEXP vendors got a lot to learn from these fellas
What do you dislike? When it comes to reporting, there are limited capabilities. I would have preferred more online classroom management break down options and would love to see that in a future release.
Reviewer photo

Reviewer verified by LinkedIn

Industry : Alternative Dispute Resolution | Company size : 201-500 | Level : Manager | Focus : Program and Project Management | Experience using the software : Less than 6 months as Member of the deployment/customization team