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What is StaffingNation?

StaffingNation is a contingent workforce management software that helps human resources, procurement, finance, legal and technology professionals manage processes for pre-employment screening, onboarding, job costing, and more. The platform allows businesses to onboard new workers and assign work orders by modifying pre-filled onboarding paperwork according to individual requirements.

Businesses can use StaffingNation to track details about contingent workforce such as onboarding invite status, job title, KPIs, outsourced vendor, commissions, and more. It lets HR teams vet and pre-screen independent contractors, create custom workflows for order approval, verify job descriptions, and set up time-bound SLAs for requests, ensuring compliance with FLSA, HIPAA and GDPR standards. The application provides a payment module, which allows enterprises to process payments to various entities including outsourced vendors and 1099s from within a unified portal.

Businesses can integrate StaffingNation with in-house human resource information platforms using an API. Administrators can use an auditing module to monitor vendor activities and control data access by granting permissions according to location, department, or enterprise-level.

Overview of StaffingNation benefits

Features That Make Your Life Easier
Say good-bye to cumbersome software. StaffingNation gives you full control and huge customizability with a whole suite of features.

Full-Cycle Onboarding
StaffingNation allows for a quick and flexible onboarding process. Our software offers 100% paperless onboarding with the ability to customize the process to fit your company's specific requirements.

Create orders in less than 4 minutes
Completely paperless I-9
Onboard new workers in 18 minutes
Add custom company-specific forms to onboarding paperwork

Full visibility of your Contingent Workforce.
Completely synergize scalable e-commerce rather than high standards in e-services.

KPI Dashboard and Financial Reporting
User-defined views, reports, data export
Track all contingent workers within 1 system, including exempt, non-exempt, hourly, salary, commission, pay by the piece, gig and even outsourced vendors


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