E-Learning And Videoconferencing Together For A Green, Integrated And Efficient Online Training

E-Learning And Videoconferencing Together For A Green, Integrated And Efficient Online Training
Summary: E-Learning is a strategic asset for those companies who are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver professional and certified trainings. However, in order to take the most out of an Online Training project, the Videoconferencing System availability is a must, as it allows to improve even further the training outcomes and the overall end user experience.

E-Learning and Videoconferencing together for a Green, Integrated and efficient Online Training

Docebo, an international cloud E-Learning provider, is moving forward to offer a proper response to this specific need.

Online Training: cost effective and human

When it comes to deliver trainings, the E-Learning technologies are able to offer a great support. Thanks to E-Learning training, companies are not only able to increase their productivity, while reducing costs and optimizing time. They are also reducing the need to move the dispersed workforce, allowing their employees to take advantage of collaboration tools, messaging and videoconferencing systems to organize virtual meeting and online trainings.

Videoconferencing System is a key added value of the E-Learning strategy, as it is able to humanize the whole Online Training project, with a real face-to-face approach and a real time responsiveness that works like an unprecedented direct support for people who are attending a long-distance course and need to be properly motivated.

Integrating Videoconference in E-Learning

Docebo, a Global E-Learning provider, has been working on Videoconferencing integrations for a long time. Its cloud-based Learning Management System has been powered with a number of integration Apps designed to allow this LMS work seamlessly with the most powerful and widespread Videoconferencing tools available on the market.Via these integrations, the Docebo’s E-Learning platform is now able to work with:

  • Adobe Connect
  • WebEx
  • GoToMeeting
  • BigBlueButton
  • TeleSkill and
  • Onsync

By this way, Docebo is the perfect Online Training tool for all the companies that need to integrate synchronous sessions in their E-Learning project, or organizations looking for an added-value platform that comes already integrated with e-tutoring and live help application.

Green and “eco-friendly” Learning

From lowering cost without sacrificing quality to breaking geographic boundaries, from real-time delivery and reporting to scalability, this hi-tech wedding between E-Learning and Videoconferencing is able to bring a positive impact on Corporate Training Programmes,  because of a faster and integrated training implementation, but also because of a reduced CO2 emissions by cutting travels, while leveraging a non threatening environmental approach.

The Green and and “eco-friendly” Learning is made possible by this new enhanced and integrated E-Learning ecosystem, a new and unconventional business approach where Docebo leads the current Training market. The company actually provides its Learning Management System already integrated with a wide range of Apps (from Videoconferencing to Social Networks, from Content Management Systems to Live Chat and E-Commerce).

Eco-Learning and Eco-System, Docebo’s take

Moreover, as the “core” of the training is made by the course itself, Docebo also provides its costumers with an Online Courses Marketplace where - in partnership with the leading company Cegos - more than 200 courses are available in 12 languages. Accessing this new concept of E-Learning Ecosystem has never been easier, as Docebo offers a full-featured 14-day free trial to companies and organizations of any kind. Thanks to this free Docebo edition, anyone is able to use the Learning Management System, activate the Apps (for free) upload its own courses and try all the software features.