eBook Launch: Creating Better Global eLearning Experiences

eBook Launch: Creating Better Global eLearning Experiences
Summary: How do you create memorable and relatable content for your teams? Download this eBook for tips to develop global eLearning experiences.

How To Fully Engage Your Global Learners

Every member of your audience deserves equal learning opportunities. But how do you create meaningful experiences that resonate with everyone, no matter where they're located or what their unique learning needs might be? This eBook can help you create better global eLearning experiences that make every member of your organization feel welcomed.

eBook Release: Creating Better Global eLearning Experiences
eBook Release
Creating Better Global eLearning Experiences
Discover how to save time and money to create engaging and effective eLearning experiences for everyone.

Why Inclusivity And Accessibility Are eLearning Essentials

Some organizations view eLearning localization as an afterthought, while others might perceive it as an unnecessary expense. In actuality, can any organization really afford not to focus on inclusivity and accessibility? It's not merely a matter of compliance, either. Creating eLearning experiences that are culturally and linguistically appropriate ensures that your online learners fully comprehend the subject matter and retain knowledge for later use. It also helps to alleviate cognitive overload and improve overall engagement, as well as boost collaboration among remote peers. The catch is that many organizations don't intentionally exclude learners. This eBook delves into how some development programs are inefficient from day one.

About This eBook

Why are so many eLearning experiences doomed from the start? How can you turn the tides and develop engaging content that respects cultural differences? Here's a sneak preview of what you'll find in this ultimate eLearning localization guide:

  • Shifting Sands: The focus for HR has shifted from delivering training to employees, to providing learning experiences for employees.
  • Language And Cultural Barriers: Some of the biggest hurdles to the effectiveness of learning content are linguistic and cultural differences.
  • Inefficient From The Outset: Why developers sometimes struggle to keep up with changes.
  • Building Better: Have translation and adaptation in mind from the start.


Download the eBook Creating Better Global eLearning Experiences to learn why localization of eLearning content is so essential and why it is often inefficient from the get-go.