eBook Release: The ROI Of Game-Based Training

eBook Release: The ROI Of Game-Based Training
Summary: Learn how to take your L&D program to the next level with this game-based training guide by eLearning Brothers.

How To Level-Up Your Training With Game-Based Learning

Game-based training gives you the opportunity to inspire, engage, and motivate your staffers. But how can you successfully incorporate gamification into your existing strategy? This eBook shows you how to have fun in the office, reduce employee stress levels, and tackle current onboarding challenges with game-based learning.

eBook Release: The ROI Of Game-Based Training
eBook Release
The ROI Of Game-Based Training
Explore how game-based learning and gamification strategies can accelerate learning, improve retention rates, and maximize the return on your training investment.

What A Difference A Game Makes

There isn't any doubt that the gaming industry is booming. Fortunately, you can also tap into all of the excitement and entertainment games have to offer in order to fuel employee performance. Games offer you the chance to identify gaps, facilitate real-world application, and get employees actively involved in their own development. Game-based training can even serve as a valuable form of feedback to help you spot L&D areas for improvement and continually improve your curriculum. The key is to know best practices and development processes from start to finish to make game-based learning approachable.

About This eBook

Here's a sneak preview of what you'll find inside this guide:

  • Bring Fun to the Office: The Benefits of Game-Based Learning – How game-based learning can add the fun and levity needed to uplift an anxious, stressed workforce.
  • Games Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety – Why organizations need training strategies that bring in-office and remote employees together.
  • Virtual Onboarding: Engaging Remote Workers – Learn why companies need to develop a more engaging and immersive virtual L&D experience.
  • The 4 Best Practices of Virtual Onboarding – Virtual onboarding best practices that ensure employees are part of your team culture from day one.
  • How IT Cosmetics Gamified Its Training – Discover how one organization created an interactive training program as addictive as Candy Crush.
  • The Development Process & Lessons Learned – Which software platforms are specifically built for gamification strategies?


Download the eBook The ROI Of Game-Based Training for insider tips to leverage the full potential of gamification in your L&D program.