The Virtues Of eBooks And Audiobooks In eLearning

The Virtues Of eBooks And Audiobooks In eLearning
Summary: When it comes to the types of information products you can provide as free eLearning tools to prospective students, an eBook (such as a .PDF, .MOBI, or .EPUB) is a great option. In fact, so is an audiobook. Never limit yourself to one format over another, because each has its own unique advantage.

eBooks And Audiobooks In eLearning: The Advantages Of Each One

Everyone learns in a different way. Some people are more visual eLearners who prefer to savor and digest the text in front of them, at their own pace, in the quiet comfort of their favorite learning space. An eBook not only allows them to do this, but it also allows them to go back and review what they've read, to give it further thought later on.

And then there are the people who spend so much time commuting by car on a daily basis -whether they're driving to work, or taking the kids to and from their extracurricular activities after school- that they're left with little spare time for any kind of "traditional" reading at the end of each day. They still want to better themselves as much as the visual eLearners do, but what can they possibly do? Audiobooks are the perfect eLearning tool for this group.

As a book publisher and sales coach for authors, I train aspiring and established authors, e-teachers, and various other internet marketers about everything related to book writing, publishing, sales, and marketing so they can achieve the best possible results in all areas of this business. My advice to them all is that each and every information product has its own merits, and it's therefore wise to utilize them all whenever you can. If you cast a wider net, you may just catch more fish and help even more people than you could have with only one format.

2 Examples Of Educational Guides For Authors

Below are a couple of excerpts from one of my most recent educational guides for authors. I'm including them here simply to show you the unique features and benefits of these 2 eLearning formats:

Example 1: A Non-Fiction eBook For Cooking

This is the promotional content (a.k.a. elevator pitch) for a non-fiction eBook cookbook:

When only a choice dessert made from the finest ingredients will do, you need The Cheesecake Doctrine. Now a wide variety of cheesecake recipes from all around the world are quickly searchable and at your fingertips, on every digital device from your smartphone to your tablet or computer desktop, in this easy-to-use .EPUB cookbook. Extraordinary delights await you from chocolate cheesecake and unbaked cherry cheesecake to an appealing variety of gluten-free treats. Why wait? Download your copy right now and impress your guests tonight!

Example 2: An "Inspirational Novella" Audiobook

Whereas the elevator pitch for an "inspirational novella" audiobook might sound more like this:

Based on a true story about the author’s own battles to overcome incredible odds and build a successful health supplement business from humble beginnings as an underprivileged orphan, this is the ultimate in inspirational audiobooks. Are you tired of “the nine to five grind” of the standard workday? Would you love to enjoy more success in all areas of your life, particularly with money? Now you can learn the financial success formula described in this book from someone who understands, firsthand, what it is to struggle and succeed.

Whether you’re listening at work, during a jog, on a plane, or in the car, you’ll enjoy this inspirational novella so much more with its studio narrated voice-overs and professional music scoring that allows you to truly feel the experience and emotion of the story The Path Less Worn. Download this audiobook now so you have it ready when the inspiration hits. You’ll be so glad you did.

Offering Your Students eBooks And Audiobooks In eLearning

Through these two examples, you can clearly see the respective benefits of each format. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could offer your free eLearning tool to your prospective students in both formats, so they could choose which one works best for them? Do you see how helpful this could be? At the end of the day, it's quite simple to convert an eBook to an audiobook using the services of a platform like ACX.

When it comes to the types of information products you can provide as free eLearning tools to your prospective students, an eBook (such as a .PDF, .MOBI, or .EPUB) is a great option for sure. In fact, so is an audiobook. You should never limit yourself to one format over another because each has its own unique advantage that can help you to reach more people.