eLearning Badges And eLearning Widget: The Recognition You Deserve For Your Skills

eLearning Badges And eLearning Widget: The Recognition You Deserve For Your Skills
Summary: eLearning Badges and eLearning Widgets. IT jargon or the most sophisticated way to e-promote your skills to the world? Let’s take it one step at a time, see the story behind the words and the value behind the applications. 

What Are The eLearning Badges?

In simple terms, an eLearning badge is a validated image that can be displayed basically anywhere; from your eLearning blog and eLearning website to your Facebook and Twitter account, your professional eLearning network and eLearning community portal. A digital eLearning badge represents an eLearning skill you have earned, an eLearning class you taught, your eLearning achievement through a credible eLearning organization, your eLearning interests, or your participation in an important eLearning project. It’s an open, flexible, simple, yet sophisticated way to share your personal accomplishments and promote yourself to thousands even millions of online readers.

Where to find eLearning Badges and how to create new ones?

For those of us who are passionate about eLearning, it’s important to promote not only our eLearning skills, as eLearning developers, instructional designer, online instructors, administrators, eLearning authors, and general as eLearning professionals, but also the entire eLearning field. This is exactly why we created the eLearning Badges were you would find numerous eLearning Badges that you can use anywhere you want, to proudly promote The eLearning field.

However, and this is where you come in, you can also send us ideas, new concepts, mottos, recommendations and suggestions about new eLearning Badges  in an effort to be e-heard as loud as possible. You can either

  1. leave a comment at this post or
  2. sent us an email at info (at) elearningindustry (dot) com (Subject: New eLearning Badge).

Cause nothing can motivate us better than knowing our skills, achievements and dynamics are out there for the whole world to see, so potential employers, organizations and schools can explore our individual competencies, hands-on expertise, talents, leadership skills and experience.

And don’t forget. eLearning Badges are currently used by a diverse range of organizations, businesses, agencies, communities, universities, even libraries and museums, such as YMCA, NASA, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Khan Academy, Purdue University and so many more.

What Are The eLearning widgets?

A web eLearning widget is basically a tiny application that can be incorporated in an eLearning blog, eLearning social network or even an eLearning website. Some allow the insertion of videos, photos, polls, questionnaires, or even news and headlines from other eLearning websites. They can be utilized to provide an interactive experience to the readers, information someone would be interested in on a regular basis, or even to allow people to sign up for a blog’s or website’s RSS feed, or for updates and information about a website and so much more.

Where to find the eLearning widget?

The beauty of an eLearning widget is that you don’t need to be a program expert. The installation is easy and can be made by simply copying the code and pasting it into the appropriate place on your eLearning site, eLearning blog or eLearning network.

At The eLearning Industry Widget page you will find simple installation instructions to either insert the eLearning widget or even to customize it and use it in your eLearning blog or eLearning website. By using the eLearning widget  you don’t only show your support to the “Leading Source for Professionals involved in the eLearning Industry”, but also to the entire eLearning field.

eLearning professionals have proven to be remarkably resourceful and innovative. So don’t hesitate to send us new ideas, and let us know about their effect on potential employers, collaborators and simple readers. Knowledge will only make us better and collective intelligence will certainly bring us closer together.

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