The Importance Of eLearning For B2B Companies

The Importance Of eLearning For B2B Companies
Summary: To stay ahead of the curve, B2B brands are now seen utilizing eLearning in most innovative ways to develop an outstanding team and deliver optimum results in order to attain maximum value for their investments.

eLearning For B2B Companies: How B2B Companies Are Creatively Approaching Online Training

The industry of B2B is facing a critical situation of a real gap in marketing skills, knowledge, and competency. Anyone does not hire professional experts in B2B marketing that easily; in fact, they are complicated to be found. It takes a tremendous amount of work, effort, and time to evolve a marketing professional in B2B, and the capability is remarkable with an inclination for the marketers to switch jobs consistently.

As an outcome, B2B organizations such as,,, or any other B2B require efficient means to quick, evolving B2B marketing capability to ensure that the marketing teams swiftly deliver value in the business.

eLearning is a method in which more and more organizations are getting ambitious and fierce in the market. Exceptional personnel at work are an essential organ for the equation of success. Expert employees at their jobs will generate the best results and feel more content in their careers. Let us carefully review all the innovative and effective methods expanding the advantages of eLearning.

Training With Microlearning

Art Kohn, a famous professor, writer, and consultant, writes in his book Brain Science: The Forgetting Curve, a situation which is experienced by the majority of the employees at work. After getting all sorts of training and assessment and performing splendidly, employees get back to their jobs only to realize that they have forgotten the most of what they were taught during the training process.

Kohn states that during the initial phase of training, most of the participants taking the practice forget half of the information given to them. This ration expands to 70% in 24 hours and almost 90% during the first week.

Gamification To Make A Clear Path

If you are given an option of playing games or going to work, you will choose playing games instead of working. Games are considered as the most significant platform for entertainment, targeting people from all ages. Gamification has attached a new method of engagement to the platforms at LMS which is helpful for the people in the professional environment.

Cisco, a leading organization, invested heavily in a social media training program for its employees and contractors in 2014. The program consisted of 47 courses, which was in large numbers for the participants. Most of the participants were confused where to start. Therefore, the organization planned out a gamify technique by increasing the levels of the certification. They planned out three main levels—strategist, specialist, and master—along with four sub-levels.

People working in teams are encouraged for a healthy competition. This aroused motivation among the participants and showed them a way to finish the competition healthily.

Ever since gamification was adopted, almost 13,000 courses have been finished by 650 employees of Cisco and attained certification.

LMS – Connecting Co-Workers

When you have a responsibility of getting trained and achieving professional objectives, buddy system becomes more helpful. This becomes more sense when you are teamed up with a new worker or an experienced one.

CEO of the transcript, Peter Trebek believes in a theory of differentiating the new sales representatives with the old ones.

Trebek explains, “Chances are, the veteran has already asked the same questions that the new employee has and can answer them quickly with real-life experience.”

This system travels to the digital world with LMS (Learning Management System) which promotes coaching, communication, and mentoring features. Most of the organizations group up the employees together through department, training sessions, making the team, and through unstoppable communication flow. The workers who are newly hired in the organization feel assured that they will get all the assistance in the future while providing experience and knowledge of the existed customers.

Why eLearning Is So Important

Even though many would like the idea of having a training session face to face with all the potential customers out there, it is impossible. The absolute locations and numbers of all the B2B customers reflect the possibility of training all the potential ones through eLearning program.

By developing an inclusive program to improve the confidence of the customers, you shouldn’t be worrying about meeting them face to face.

A customized eLearning assessment developed for B2B customers has a lot of perks and advantages. By establishing a segregated, informative, and reciprocated experience, customers will know about using your product or service efficiently enabling to reduce down the cost of support for you while providing satisfaction to the customers and reducing the frustration among the customers.

Opens New Opportunities

The development of eLearning has provided new opportunities in the business and educational sector. The required tools and methods are in abundance and can be customized as per the needs and requirements for people of all ages.

They ameliorate the way we learn, teach and provide plenty of job opportunities for the people who have not any. It’s a structure which improves our lives for the better through technology. As eLearning starts to get more popularity, more organizations will anticipate in eLearning, and that is going to be an exciting moment for everyone.

eLearning Applications

The International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning recently released a report stating that gamification through eLearning was considered as the most efficient method for creating customer experience in B2B. The users have the authority of earning badges and unlocking achievements during the process of training. The content provided to them during the training process was intriguing since it enabled to please the customers sanely.

The report also suggested that textual content was not much effective in comparison to the multimedia. There is a possibility that most of the organizations have already developed assessment videos and graphics, therefore, establishing a tailored training experience using limited resources is going to do wonders for you and the organization.

The Outcome For B2B eLearning

Through eLearning training, customers will be able to:

  • Craft an efficient marketing team in B2B.
  • Take the learning process to the whole new level in B2B marketing and ease up the adaptation from B2C into B2B.
  • Give optimum results after the training sessions through eLearning resulting in attaining maximum value from the investment.