The eLearning Guild Academy: 9 Courses To Improve Your Competitive Advantage

The eLearning Guild Academy: Courses To Improve Your Competitive Advantage

eLearning is a competitive field and getting ahead in your job might seem like an impossible task at times. How do you stand apart from everyone else? What makes you more qualified for that new promotion than the next person? Do you have all of the skills you need?

Don’t worry. We’ll share a secret with you that will make things a whole lot easier. Improve your skills and knowledge and you will improve your chances of standing apart from the rest the next time a new opportunity arises.

The eLearning Guild Academy offers a large variety of live online courses for eLearning professionals ranging from tools and instructional design, to content creation and business and leadership courses, and more.

Courses for the first half of 2016 have already been added to the website so you are sure to find the right course to help you improve your competitive advantage and help you get ahead. Courses include:

  1. Adobe Captivate Basic, with Pooja Jaisingh
  2. Adobe Captivate Advanced, with Pooja Jaisingh
  3. Agile Project Management for eLearning, with Megan Torrance
  4. Articulate Storyline 2 Basic, with Stefanie Lawless
  5. Articulate Storyline 2 Advanced, with Stefanie Lawless
  6. Facilitation Skills for Virtual Trainers, with Karen Hyder and Melissa Chambers
  7. Introduction to the xAPI for eLearning Designers, with Andrew Downes
  8. Learning Ecosystems: Designing Environments for Learning, with Catherine Lombardozzi
  9. Producing Virtual Classroom Training, with Karen Hyder and Melissa Chambers

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