eLearning Hot Topics To Kick Off The New Year [January 2023 Edition]

eLearning Topics 2023: What Should You Write About?
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Summary: What should you write about this month? Here's our list of 5 hot eLearning topics 2023 to cover in your eLI guest post.

eLearning Topics To Cover In 2023

A new year has finally arrived, which means that it's time for us writers to start thinking about which trending topics we'll cover in the months to come. Fortunately, this list of 5 eLearning topics 2023 can help you get your year off to a creative start. So, let's dive into the eLearning essentials our readers want to read about this month.

Employee Onboarding Software

How do organizations find the best onboarding systems for their new hires? Which mistakes should they avoid to get the best value for money? What platform features should they look for? You can cover everything from vendor vetting tips to implementation steps in your article about employee onboarding software.

Leveraging eLearning Big Data

There's no shortage of Big Data these days, which makes it even more challenging to know what to focus on and how to manage information effectively. Offer tips to help L&D pros to collect, store, organize, and make the most of their data to personalize learning experiences and bridge gaps.

LMS Implementation For K-12

How can K-12 institutions choose the LMS that's right for them and roll it out without any hiccups? Provide actionable steps that these organizations can follow to implement their new Learning Management System with ease and provide a stellar student experience. You can cover everything from setting a realistic budget and making a business case to lowering the learning curve by offering support tools.

Soft Skills Training Mistakes

Upskilling and reskilling have been hot topics for some time, but which pitfalls should eLearning professionals avoid when creating soft skills training resources for their teams? Furthermore, how can these common mistakes lead to lower learner engagement and retention?

AI In eLearning

What role will Artificial Intelligence play in the future of eLearning design and development? How can eLearning developers use modern tech to customize training experiences and automate certain processes? We'd also love to read about innovative ways to utilize AI in the L&D sphere.

Wrapping Up

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