eLearning Hot Topics Our Readers Will Love [February 2023 Edition]

Trending eLearning Topics To Cover In Your Next Guest Post
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Summary: Figuring out which subject matter to write about is half the battle. This article features trending eLearning topics that are hot this month.

Trending eLearning Topics To Cover In Your Next Guest Post

In the fast-paced world of eLearning, it can be challenging to pinpoint a topic to write about that readers are sure to fall in love with. What's hot right now in the L&D space? How can you leverage your experience and niche expertise to craft attention-grabbing content? Below are a few trending eLearning topics to consider for your eLI guest post this month to help you ignite the creative spark and put that pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

5 eLearning Writing Ideas For February

1. Employee Engagement Tips

How do you find the right employee engagement tech for your team? Which activities should you include in your L&D program to keep them motivated? Employers are always looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to engage their employees, and the shift to remote working has presented new challenges when it comes to boosting participation rates and creating an emotional connection. How can organizations find the best approach, and why is engagement such a crucial ingredient in the recipe for success?

2. Learner Personas

Personas help point eLearning designers in the right direction when they're creating memorable content. How do you develop learner personas that represent your target audience? What's the best way to use them throughout the development process? Why not write a guest post that explores the perks and best practices for creating learner personas?

3. Student Burnout

Hitting the books, virtual or otherwise, can be exhausting. Many students experience burnout at one point or another in their educational journeys, but there are ways that eLearning developers can help to prevent it. How can you assist online learners in beating mental fatigue and striking a balance? What are the negative effects of student burnout that designers should keep in mind when they're building information-heavy courses?

4. Management Skills

Regardless of the industry or company size, team leaders must possess certain skills to motivate employees and bring out the best in every coworker. What are the core competencies every manager should cultivate? Which soft skills are often overlooked in leadership training strategies?

5. Interpersonal Intelligence Training

Interpersonal skills build a better team dynamic, prevent on-the-job conflicts, and improve workplace performance. So, how can organizations launch interpersonal intelligence training initiatives that cultivate empathy and instill nonverbal and verbal communication skills? Which activities are the ideal fit? Are there certain Instructional Design models they should consider? How can you encourage employees to see things from a different perspective and respect one another's opinions through online training?

Wrapping Up

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