eLearning Industry's Guest Author Article Showcase [April 2023]

eLI Guest Post Showcase [April 2023]
Summary: Check out the top eLI guest posts from last month to learn about partner ecosystems, DEI best practices, and much more.

5 Inspired eLI Guest Posts That Cover The Latest Trends And Top Tips

Why do some employee training programs fail? How do your mission statements impact company culture? What are the essential ingredients for creating engaging compliance training that tells a story? The articles below have the answers to these pressing L&D questions and more. In no particular order, here are the best of the best eLI guest posts that were published last month.

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1. How To Create Engaging Compliance Training: A Film Scriptwriter's Approach By Lenny Ercoli

In this article, Lenny Ercoli explores the concept of thinking like a film scriptwriter to make your Instructional Design pop, and in turn, create magical eLearning. You'll also discover the four elements of scriptwriting and the essentials of intuitive storytelling.

2. Why Employee Training Programs Are Failing: The Costly Challenge Of Knowledge Retention And Transfer By Ricci Masero

Employee training programs are critical for organizational success, but ineffective retention and transfer of knowledge and skills can be costly. In this article, Ricci Masero explores the challenges of retaining and transferring knowledge and proposes a solution.

3. How To Include DEI Initiatives In Your Instructional Design Practices By Joseph Evanick

What's DEI, and how can you implement it in Instructional Design? What are its benefits, and how can it make the learning experience more effective? Joseph Evanick offers a step-by-step look at how you can incorporate DEI into your strategy.

4. How Do Mission Statements Affect Organizational Culture? By Thaylise Nakamoto

Mission statements are different from organizational vision since they are short-term in nature and inspire different employees to work toward a common goal. Thaylise Nakamoto explains why a good mission statement should be simple, direct, and relevant, and how it should also promote the company culture and encourage innovation.

5. The Importance Of A Partner Ecosystem For eLearning Companies And How To Build A Profitable Partner Network By Dr. Greg Blackburn

Partner ecosystems provide eLearning companies with access to new markets, technologies, and resources, enabling them to expand their reach, accelerate their growth, and enhance their offerings. This article by Dr. Greg Blackburn explains how to build one.

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