eLearning Industry's Guest Author Article Showcase [August 2023]

The Top eLearning Posts Guest Article Showcase [August 2023]
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Summary: From organization development overload to making a business case for AI, these top eLearning posts cover all the essentials.

Delving Into Scrollytelling, Augmented Reality, And Business Analytics

What is scrollytelling, and how can you use it in your immersive learning strategy? Are you making the most of your business analytics to drive innovation? The articles on this list have all the answers. In no particular order, here are the top eLearning posts from guest authors published last month.

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Guest Posting Guide: How To Become A Top Content Contributor On eLearning Industry
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5 Top eLearning Posts To Read Today

Scrollytelling: A Powerful Technique For Engaging Online Learning By Monica Gragg

Scrollytelling blends scrolling and storytelling to craft immersive narratives on webpages. This article by Monica Gragg explores the benefits of using scrollytelling for online learning, such as vertical scrolling, and provides instructions on implementing it effectively.

Has Your Organization Overloaded On Organization Development? By Phil McInnes

The answer is probably "yes" if the focus is intervention-based, for example, engagement surveys, climate surveys, change management, restructuring, and so forth. Phil McInnes highlights why organization development is a key leadership capability and the benefits of having your OD team make it a priority.

Beyond The Classroom: Augmented Reality And The Evolution Of Education By Christi T K

Discover how Augmented Reality is revolutionizing education, making learning interactive, engaging, and globally connected while fostering creativity and critical thinking skills in children. Christi T K explains how AR is a new dimension in learning.

How Data Science And Business Analytics Drive Innovation And Growth In eLearning By Erika Balla

Data science and business analytics revolutionize eLearning, personalizing experiences, optimizing content, and driving continuous improvement for better outcomes. Read this article by Erika Balla to uncover the many benefits of leveraging data science, from content optimization to improving resource allocation.

Stepping Up The L&D Game: Talking AI With Your Leadership By Garima Gupta

This article provides a practical guide for Learning and Development professionals on how to discuss integrating AI in eLearning with their leadership. Garima Gupta also explores why the key focus is on addressing the concerns of leadership and demonstrating the benefits of AI through pilot programs.

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