eLearning Industry's Guest Author Article Showcase [January 2023]

5 Top eLearning Articles By Our Guest Authors
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Summary: Check out our top 5 guest author posts to explore self-directed learning, headless LMSs, and immersive Instructional Design.

5 Top eLearning Articles By Our Guest Authors

Are you ready to set some eLearning New Year's resolutions? Below you'll find our top 5 eLearning articles penned by guest authors last month to help you master immersive learning design, delve into data analytics, and much more. Without further ado and in no particular order, let's recap the best of the best guest posts featured on eLearning Industry in December 2022.

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1. Immersive Learning Design Today: Best Practices By James W Henry

How can we make sure our immersive Instructional Design experience gets the job done? James W Henry outlines design best practices, including preparing learners for training and making sure the learning experience stays active.

2. Best Practices For Self-Directed Learners By Stella Van Lane

Learning has become an active process that helps us to survive in fast-paced surroundings, enabling us to react appropriately and rise to the occasion in a world where official educational programs simply cannot track the rapidly increasing industrial requirements. Stella Van Lane explores the many ways you can enhance your self-directed learning outcomes.

3. How To Choose The Right Headless LMS By Katarzyna Kowalik

Headless technology, the same that has recently conquered the eCommerce industry, has now set its sights on the eLearning sector. Although still a novelty, there are already a few providers, both old and new, that offer a headless LMS. Katarzyna Kowalik explains how they are different and how to pick the right one.

4. How Data Analytics Is Influencing Learning And Driving Higher Outcomes By Elie Nahas

Data analytics helps to identify and prioritize the needs of stakeholders. Elie Nahas discusses how it enables organizations to understand their users better, which helps them create more effective strategies based on that information.

5. Adaptive Learning In Practice By Alexander Torbet

Adaptive learning is a powerful tool to enhance both teaching and learning but depends on strong digital learning solutions. Alexander Torbet explores the basics of adaptive learning and how you can personalize decisions and actions.

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