eLearning Industry's Guest Author Article Showcase [January 2024]

eLI Guest Articles You're Sure To Love [January 2024]
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Summary: Preventing training burnout, leveraging AI for informal learning, and handling large online classes are just a few of the topics covered in our top eLI guest articles.

Guest Posts You're Sure To Love

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to mark the occasion than by showing some love to a few of the most insightful posts featured on our platform? This list covers everything from the art of storytelling to the role of social media in eLearning. In no particular order, here are the top eLI guest articles published last month.

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5 eLI Guest Articles To Check Out Today

1. The Art Of Impactful Storytelling: Engaging Learners Through Timeless Narrative Models By Ricci Masero

Since ancient times, stories have been used to convey lessons, norms, and practical wisdom. Even in today's information-saturated world, storytelling remains one of the most effective means of human communication and learning. Ricci Masero explores how to apply it in employee training using three narrative models.

2. How To Handle Teaching Large Online Classes By Dr. Liz Hardy

Teaching online brings many challenges, but these are further complicated when the class is large. How do you cope with hundreds of online students at once? Dr. Liz Hardy offers valuable tips to get teacher workload under control.

3. Informal Learning With AI Support: Creating Adaptive L&D Experiences By Markus Bernroitner

In the ever-evolving field of Instructional Design, informal learning is increasingly enriched by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Markus Bernroitner highlights innovative ideas on how AI can support the advancement of informal learning.

4. The Future Of Social Media In eLearning: Predictions And Emerging Trends By Ivan Leong

This article by Ivan Leong discusses the future of social media in eLearning and how possible predictions and emerging trends might transform and innovate how we learn.

5. Stop With The "Traveling Trainer": Hire More Trainers And Embrace Remote Classes By Peter Marotto, CTC, M.Ed.

Almost four years after the pandemic accelerated remote training, some companies are burning their trainers out and setting unnecessary travel expectations by not capitalizing on remote training and the expertise developed by training and development industry professionals. Peter Marotto, CTC, M.Ed., answers some of the most common questions on trainer burnout.

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