eLearning Industry's Guest Author Article Showcase [October 2022]

Giving Thanks To October's Top Guest Author Posts
Summary: Check out our top 5 guest author posts for October 2022 to learn more about integrations, voiceovers, and inbuilt authoring.

Giving Thanks To October's Top Guest Author Posts

In search of tips to organically incorporate voiceovers into your eLearning course? Want to know more about system integrations? This month's guest post showcase covers everything from learner-centered design secrets to toolkit essentials. Here are the best of the best guest author articles published on eLI this month, in no particular order.

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5 Top Guest Articles You Won't Want To Miss

Should You Use Your LMS's Inbuilt Authoring Tool? By Garima Gupta

Every Learning Management System comes with built-in content authoring capabilities today. Garima Gupta invites you to consider crucial aspects, including User Experience and creator's skills, when deciding whether to use them or choose an industry-standard external authoring app.

What System Integrations Are All About By Katarzyna Kowalik

When looking for a new LMS, or any other piece of software, we start by checking integration possibilities. Whether it's Zoom, Google Calendar, or Slack, we want our purchase to work with our existing software ecosystem. Katarzyna Kowalik explores if all systems can be integrated easily and why you may want to consider integrations in the first place.

Learner-Centered Design: How To Make Learning Fun And Easy By Emily Gore

With learner-centered design, participants enjoy learning, and organizations have a better understanding of their needs. Emily Gore discusses how to make the learning experience fun and engaging by creating a positive environment, starting with the end in mind, and staying flexible.

What I Learned From UX Designers To Address LMS User Needs By Peggy Lim

The UX design toolkit is extremely useful for us to analyze and improve our learning systems. Peggy Lim highlights a few ways we can incorporate them, from user persona mapping to affinity clustering.

Voiceover In eLearning: A Key Component By Satyabrata Das

While reading from text or watching graphics is a great way to learn, someone explaining the concept or telling a story is a different experience altogether. Satyabrata Das explains why classroom training is so effective due to the presence of a teacher who explains the concepts.

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