eLearning Industry's Guest Post Showcase [January 2022]

eLearning Industry's Guest Post Showcase [January 2022]
Summary: Looking for some eLearning inspiration? Read these 5 top guest post articles of January 2022 to gather valuable insights.

Celebrating Our Top Guest Post Authors For January 2022

For nearly a decade, eLearning Industry has been a place where people can come to read about the latest trends, technologies, and L&D strategies. Over the years, our guest contributors have helped us expand our community and offer unique perspectives to a global audience.

In honor of this occasion, we're kicking off a new initiative. This is our first-ever monthly guest post showcase, and we're excited to spotlight the best of the best on eLearning Industry. Without further ado, in no particular order, we present the top articles of January 2022.

1. Book Discussion Clubs That Can Boost Employee Performance And Engagement By Elena Ryabykh

Discover tips on how you can introduce book discussion clubs as communities of practice that can enhance your L&D strategy and provide great benefits for your organization. This post penned by Elena Ryabykh also explores what communities of practice are and how to overcome common challenges by launching book discussion groups.

2. How To Hook Your Learners With The First Screen By Mikaila Da Silva

Learners are stretched by commitments both at work and at home, which impacts motivation and makes it difficult for learners to invest in online courses. One surefire way to remedy this disconnect is by catching their attention at the outset with a hook and making them take notice. In this article, Mikaila Da Silva highlights the quintessential traits of a memorable eLearning hook and covers both the visual and written aspects of creating course introductions that wow online learners.

3. Edge Computing And Education: It's Not What You Expect By Shira Landau

The insights you'll find in this article can help you create an optimized classroom for the future and discover how edge computing trends can enhance your students' learning. Shira Landau explores how edge computing works and the benefits it can bring to the education sector. The author also delves into the differences between edge and cloud-based computing.

4. The Behavioral Science Of Serious Games By Helen Routledge

This article illustrates why games are so much more than pretty pictures and fun experiences. Helen Routledge helps game designers to better understand human psychology and how people learn in order to keep the audience emotionally invested. The author also explores 4 key principles used in serious game design that you can implement in your own strategy.

5. Making Online Content As Engaging As Your Students' Social Media Feed By Dr. Eliani Boton

Learn some basic strategies that every eLearning pro should consider before they start designing an online course. Dr. Eliani Boton offers tips to make your students consume content with the same interest with which they browse their social media feeds. You'll learn how to identify your learners' expectations and strike the right tone.

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