Learning About eLearning: Useful TalentLMS Resources

Learning About eLearning: Useful TalentLMS Resources
Summary: Information is power. TalentLMS is powerful, and one reason why we (and out customers) say so, is because it has many, many eLearning resources to offer. Learn all about these goodies, from a solid product tour page to feature requests and cheat sheets!

What eLearning Resources Does TalentLMS Offer You?

Learning how to setup a new LMS, and how to create and deploy an eLearning course, can be a daunting task.

Well, maybe not so much with TalentLMS (which has won some awards for its ease of use), but still. Where does one start? How do you achieve X or Y in your course? Is a specific feature available? And how does this other thing work?

In this article, we will take a look at the available documentation, reference manuals, tutorials, and other TalentLMS resources available.

The 10,000ft-High View

If you are just evaluating TalentLMS, and only want a general overview of what it can do, you can start with the Features section on the TalentLMS website. There you’ll find dozens of bullet points, each describing a particular functionality or characteristic of the platform.

For a slightly more wholesome overview, you can take the TalentLMS "Tour" (again at the product’s website), which goes a step beyond listing individual features and into what you can do with them. This is a kind of "Executive Summary" of TalentLMS, and as such, it’s perfect to give an IT department or a corporate manager a sense of what the platform is all about.

If you’re mainly interested in learning how TalentLMS handles the needs of your particular industry, then the "Solutions by Industry" might be just what the doctor ordered, covering 16 different industries and how they can leverage TalentLMS. Clicking on an industry name will give you a fuller overview of that particular industry.

If, on the other hand, you want to know more about different eLearning approaches and use cases within a single company or organization, then check the TalentLMS Solutions section, which provides links detailing how TalentLMS can be used for Pre-Employment, Induction, Compliance, and Lifelong Training (with more use cases coming up soon).

TalentLMS’ pricing plans and usage tiers are detailed in the, aptly titled, Pricing page. There you’ll find all you need to know about the features and options offered by particular plans, complete with a small FAQ that answers all, well, frequently asked pricing questions.

If you want to see who else uses TalentLMS before you commit to it, then you can visit the Customers page, which lists a number of prominent corporations using TalentLMS along with some customer quotes on their use of the platform. In any case, between LG, Zamora, Panera Bread, cPanel, Delonghi, Telerik, Acl, HarperCollins Publishers, and more, you’ll be in good company.

To get the download for the TalentLMS applications for iOS and Android, there’s a dedicated section on the website.

Last, but not least, if you’re almost convinced but what to try TalentLMS yourself first, then you’ll be glad to know that there’s a free (but perfectly functional) account on offer, that you can get started with in just a few minutes.


For answers to your basic (and, well, frequently asked), questions about TalentLMS, you can do worse than checking out the FAQ section, which covers everything from "What is TalentLMS" to "Can I use my own domain for my training portal?" -- the answer is yes.


If you like reading and/or free stuff, or if you want to get a basic grasp of eLearning, you’ll like this one: The TalentLMS offers not one, but two eLearning books for free.

The first of these two eLearning resources, titled "eLearning 101", offers a comprehensive introduction to basic eLearning topics, while the second, "Delivering highly effective learning courses", discusses tools and tips that can assist you in effective eLearning course design.

Both LMS resources are freely available for free download. Did we mention that they are free too?

Cheat Sheets

If you are too busy or distracted for reading a whole book, TalentLMS’ Cheat Sheets Series will be more up your alley. There you’ll find a series of Cheat Sheets in PDF format to make your eLearning and TalentLMS-using like easier. Available for free, you can consult this eLearning resource at any time, or even print them and hang on your office wall.

Topics include: "CSS Hacks for supercharging your portal", the "Top 20 eLearning acronyms you need to know", "Content Tools & Resources for your eLearning Portal", and more.

The Blog

TalentLMS also has a quite active blog, on which you can learn about the latest Cloud updates and the new stuff they bring, read tutorials on various features available, check out the latest announcements by Epignosis, and learn more about the developers and support staff doing the hard work behind the scenes.

The Stuff Nobody Reads - Legal TalentLMS Resources

Like any product site that respects itself, the TalentLMS web page also has a bunch of pages that nobody ever reads (but that your legal department might find interesting).

Those cover the usual suspects: the service’s Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use, and a breakdown of the measures taken to protect and secure your data.

Support, Knowledge Base &Feature Ideas

Last, but not least, there’s the Support, Knowledge Base & Feature Ideas section, that hosts, well, all that stuff we just mentioned.

In the Knowledge Base you’ll find tons of articles on every TalentLMS and eLearning-related topics, from working with Courses to Gamification, Branches, Integrations, Reporting, and so on.

In the Feature Ideas forums, on the other hand, you can submit your feature suggestions and propose workflow enhancements for future TalentLMS releases (the team does consult and work on those if there’s customer interest).

Finally, if none of the above LMS resources answered your question, in the "Support, Knowledge Base & Feature Ideas" page you’ll be able to find a support form to get your answer directly from the horse’s, or rather support team’s, mouth.

Empowered By eLearning Resources

In order to achieve certain results, take advantage of various features, and even initially access an unknown software or service (e.g. for purchasing), you need information.

TalentLMS’ website offers plenty of solid eLearning resources, allowing you to go from learning about the various features and pricing options to using the software like a pro.

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Easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to like, TalentLMS is designed to get a “yes” from everyone, including C-level execs, budget heads, and busy employees. Now, instead of checking out, your whole organization leans into training.